Tons of Fun Gospel Activities

by Jennette Guymon-King, Mary H. Ross

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Children will love these games and activities that teach basic gospel principles and make learning fun. These easy-to-present teaching tools are ideal for family home evening or Primary. Kids will grasp important gospel concepts in minutes with these with simple, creative, and memorable activities. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or both, this book will be a welcome resource as you teach your little ones. This volume contains:

  • Scripture Lessons
  • Bite-Size Memorize Scriptures
  • Learning Games and Activities
  • Thought Treats

About the Authors

Jennette Guymon-King

Jennette Guymon-King is the mother of Kayla, Levi, Carson, and Shelby; also wife to Clayton King. They live in Bluffdale, Utah. Jennette studied graphic arts and illustration at Utah Valley State College and the University of Utah. She served a mission in Japan.

She enjoys reading, cooking, soapmaking, gardening, spending time with her children, and freelance illustrating.

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Mary H. Ross

Mary Ross is an energetic mother who loves to help children and young women have a good time while they learn. Mary and her husband, Paul, and their daughter live in Sandy, Utah.

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