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Good shirt, but beware of cut
By , Submitted on 2019-05-14

This shirt is cut for a very lean man, and will not fit a muscular build. The sleeve is made from a straight tube of fabric and does not get wider for the upper arm. The sleeves are attached in a way that cuts out some of the bodice fabric as well. The result was that even though we bought XL which is usually a generous size for my husband, he could barely get the sleeves all the way up his arm and then couldn’t move at all or get the top of the shirt buttoned. This shirt will be great for someone with no muscle bulk in upper arms and shoulders. Our teenage son had no problem with the cut. I. took a picture of this shirt laid out on top of a normal XL button down shirt and it is easy to see the difference in the cut but I can’t find anywhere on this review form to add a photo

Rugged, Tough, Genuine Pioneer Trek Shirt
By , Submitted on 2018-07-18

We the presidency of our stake each of us bought these shirts and outfits for our last trek, completed a couple of weeks ago.

The shirts were amazing! Rugged, never snagged, ripped, or developed holes. And they were comfortable enough to sleep in. Definitely plan to wear it for the upcoming Pioneer Day. And I have to say that, though the rest of the stake family got the red dust in their clothes from the trail, along with mud and grass. These clothes, and the rest of the outfits purchased from Deseret Book, did not stain at all.

One of the presidency got sick during trek and soiled up his trousers, ending up having to return home. His good wife assured me that the stains in his clothes cleaned right up and they look as good as new.

Take my word for it, not only does this shirt look authentic (and fantastic!), I felt it gave me that true-to-life pioneer spirit. I felt that I was walking in the literal shoes of those valiant pioneers. These clothes will stand the trial of any trek for many years, faithful and true.

A True and Worthy Outfit for Trek!
By , Submitted on 2018-07-12

My ancestors all came one way or another across the plains to settle Utah. Some were in the Martin Handcart Company, who got stuck at Rocky Ridge. Others were in the Hunt Company, which also got stuck at the same time, but had wagons and provisions and were better equipped to handle the tough situation.

And that better equipment also can make a difference in a trek experience. As a member of a stake presidency in my seventh year in this calling, I can say I've been on my share of treks. Though all have been rewarding in one way or another, this latest trek was far and away the best. I, along with the other stake leaders and our wives, chose to wear the trek outfits offered at Deseret Book (and it was very slick making the purchase through stake funds). Word got around that we were buying these outfits and soon we found that several youth and leaders from the wards had also done the same.

Needless to say, when we arrived at the stake center on Tuesday morning to get on the buses, we were humbled by the number of fellow travelers who were dressed for the part. Hearts were lifted, and plenty of testimony strengthening tears were shed.

We sang pioneer songs all the way up and along the trails. This was a first for us. I believe that dressing the part of pioneers helped ingrain that feeling within each of our souls. We wanted to sing the songs, especially when our journeys became hard.

And the rough journeys had little to no impacts on these outfits. They were as tough and rugged as our beloved pioneers. Stalwart and brave these outfits stood. And though the red soul and dust stained others' outfits, those of us who had purchased these special outfits at Deseret Book had very little staining. One of our good brothers got a little sick (I think from not boiling his water) and developed a bad case of dysentery. Though he tried to keep up with the rest of us, we finally had to send him home. There were a couple of times he was not able to make it to the latrine, bless his heart. But, I checked with his dear wife afterwards and she assured me that after washing her husband's outfit at home, they looked as fresh and new as when they'd purchased them.

These outfits were such a hit on trek and so comfortable to wear (and sleep in!), my wife and I plan to wear them again on Pioneer Day for our stake's breakfast.

I can give you first hand witness that these outfits will make a big difference in your trek experience. You'll be grateful for buying them and they will last for many years.