Tres Leches Cupcakes

by Josi S. Kilpack


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Sadie Hoffmiller has relocated from Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is starting a new job as an informant for the Bureau of Land Management on an archeological site. The sun and dirt blocks her initial excitement about the job, but she makes the best of it, using her baking prowess to help her gather background information on her fellow "dirt geeks." Being in the middle of nowhere and digging up artifacts from hundreds of years ago is supposed to keep Sadie out of trouble—until recent burials are found on the ancient site.

Before Sadie knows it, she's arrested for starting a bar fight, a new friend is missing, and she's worn out her welcome in Santa Fe in more ways than one. But when a trip to the annual hot air balloon fiesta in Albuquerque leads to even more danger, she begins to wonder if she'll ever be safe...from herself.

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Josi S. Kilpack

Josi S. Kilpack is the author of twenty-five novels—including the twelve-book Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series—one cookbook, and has been part of several coauthored projects and anthologies. She and her husband, Lee, are the parents of four children.

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Tres Leches Goodness
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

What am I going to do when Josi stops writing this series? I love these book, and Tres Leches Cupcakes is no exception. I enjoyed the whole book immensely, but the last half, there was excitement on every page. When Josi throws in Sadie's humor and inner voice, which I love, I can't stop reading. Add a little Pete to the mix, and you've got yourself another awesome Sadie Hoffmiller thriller.

Sadie almost is back to her old self in this book, and I missed her. But, I did appreciate the journey that she has taken in each book, and her experiences have made her a better person. I loved reading about the things she has learned, and when she's in situations similar to past adventures, she can get keep her head and focus. I loved everything about this book, and I can't wait for Baked Alaska next Spring.

5 out of 5 stars. You will be on the edge of your seat, and finally able to breath again when you reach the end. I loved Pete's cousin Caro. She was a delightful character, and a great new friend for Sadie.

Plenty of suspense!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A fabulous installment of the Sadie Hoffmiller series. I've read all of them, in order, and was excited to pick this up as soon as it hit the shelves.

Sadie is supposedly undercover in New Mexico, gathering information for an ancient artifact preservation group. This means she has to work at a dig and spend hours each day in the heat, digging in the dirt. You can only imagine what Sadie thinks about this.

Many times I laughed out loud--she couldn't quite keep her undercover name straight--and I loved the setting and the unique secondary characters, such as Caro, Rex, and Margo.

Classic Sadie-style, there are plenty of delicious sounding recipes (I just wish I was brave enough to try them . . . I'll be visiting a bakery soon!)

TRES LECHES packs plenty of suspense, a tad of sweet romance, and a roller coaster intricate mystery that kept me guessing until the last couple of chapters.

Delightfully Delicious
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Josi Kilpack's latest installment in her culinary mysteries is a tasty treat of intrigue and suspense. Lying low in Santa Fe, Sadie Hoffmiller is keeping out of mischief by working on an archeological dig and helping out at a local bakery. With the upcoming hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, Sadie is looking forward to a relaxing weekend selling cupcakes and watching the multitude of balloons with Pete. Her best laid plans are thrown in a jumble, however, when bodies are uncovered in an ancient burial site. A rich blend of new friends and garnished with exciting adventure Sadie's latest mystery is sure to surprise and captivate.

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