The Trial of the Stick of Joseph

by Jack H. West

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The Trial of the Stick of Joseph is composed of three main sections. The first has to do with the examination of twelve personal witnesses who claimed to have seen and handled the ancient golden records from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. It delves into the lives of these men to see if they ever denied their testimonies and looks at the peculiar circumstances surrounding their testimonies.

The second section looks at the Book of Mormon itself letting it stand on its own, and letting it answer a group of charges made by the prosecution against the work. We find that it is its own best witness; that it will answer the charges in and of itself; that it is consistent with itself that it does not contradict itself nor the other great book, the "Stick of Judah," the Bible, which was to be its running mate.

The third section looks at the greatest men in the field of science who are not members of the Church. These men are archaeologists, ethnologists, zoologists, and anthropologists who have studied the ancient races of this continent. From their testimonies, we set up the external evidence for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

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Jack H. West

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