Tulips and Treason

by Tristi Pinkston

Tulips and treason

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The town of Omni has a thorny problem. Two rival crime syndicates have chosen the quiet mountains of Utah as their hideout. Now they want to join forces and become stronger than ever. When the FBI needs to send two undercover agents to infiltrate the mob, they call on Jack and Molly — field operatives of experience and skill — to pose as floral-shop-owning Mormons so they’ll blend in to the conservative background. Jack bears a resemblance to Joe Baker, notorious mob hit man, and stands the best chance at going undetected. The biggest challenge? Teaching Molly how to arrange a dozen roses. Compared to that, bringing down the Mafia will be a tiptoe through the tulips.

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Tristi Pinkston

TRISTI PINKSTON now has twenty-five books published in a wide variety of genres, but that doesn’t mean she’s slowing down—her love of writing is as strong as ever. She is the mother of four amazing children, the wife of one fantastic husband, and the taker of very, very long naps. When she’s not writing or editing, she enjoys watching good movies, and she admits a certain fascination with shows like Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars. She also enjoys scrapbooking, but finds she doesn’t have as much time to do that as she’d like. Tristi sits on the board of directors of iWriteNetwork. She also works as a freelance editor and author mentor, and she is a regular presenter at writers conferences up and down the Wasatch Front. You can learn more about Tristi and her books by visiting her website at www.tristipinkston.com and her blog at www.tristipinkston.blogspot.com.

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Tulips and Treason by Tristi Pinkston
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Tulips and Treason is another extremely enjoyable read from Tristi. I really loved her Secret Sisters series and was thrilled when my favorite characters appeared in the Omni Orchids Mysteries Series too.

Molly North and Jack Coleman are FBI agents. They are also partners who secretly got married, having kept it a secret from everyone but their boss. Now their marriage is in a rough patch. But they are still partners and have been given a special assignment. A lead has come on an investigation of a mob case the FBI is following. Molly and Jack are being assigned to a small town in Omni, Utah to run a flower shop as a married Mormon couple. Normally this assignment would be exciting for the couple, but Molly has her doubts. How are they going to pose as a married couple when they are on the brink of a divorce.

Jack and Molly head to Omni and are in need of "Mormon" lessons. That is where Ida Mae, Tansy, and Arlette come in. Molly and Jack have to run a flower shop to keep up the mob front and to find their contact. Molly is lost and is really nervous about it. As they are moving things around the shop, a wall gets busted and they hire a fix-it man to come. When he gets murdered, the mystery begins.

I loved this book. Tristi's books are full of fun, humor, heart, and good ole-fashion mystery. I loved having my favorite ladies from the Secret Sisters series make an appearance in this book. I have missed them. Having said that, the new characters held my attention and Tristi's writing, as always, was solid. I would email her back and forth while I was reading to update her on who I thought was the murderer... Let's just say, I better not quite my day job. :)

A fun quick read
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have read all the other books by Tristi Pinkston I must say this was one of my favorites right down to the cover! (I'm a sucker for a good cover) When Jack and Molly are assigned as undercover FBI agents in a small Utah town they must pose as Mormons as part of their cover. Tristi gives you a glance of some of the Mormon culture that makes us a little quirky without being disrespectful of our beliefs. All the characters are realistic and like able and Jack and Molly are a great pair. If you are looking for a book that is fun with just a little romance this one fits the bill!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I loved this book! It was suspenseful and filled with humor that kept me laughing throughout. It was funny to see Jack and Molly pose undercover as Mormons, (as they were non members). Tristi's books are always such great reads and this one does not disappoint!! This is a must read.

Mystery Among the Mormons
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I don't typically read in this genre, but once I got to a certain point in this book, I had to know how it ended. The mystery that brings Molly and Jack to Omni to solve takes a backseat to another, leading to an ending that comes as a great surprise. The quirkiness of a small town that's predominantly Mormon brings some funny cultural references but the dynamic between these two partners as FBI agent is even more enjoyable. The author does a good job of focusing most of the story right around them and their perceptions and relationship as much as anything, and that adds to the drama and the mystery.

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