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Such and Inspirational Book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is not the typical book you will see from me on my blog. I am a very proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love reading. I love reading all kind of books. I love reading almost all genres. I have to admit this is not a book I would usually read, but when Deseret Book contacted me and asked if I would review it I jumped at the chance. It was a book I needed to read.

It is all about how to recognize the Holy Ghost in our lives. It talks about the functions of the Holy Ghost, and how to put the principles into action. Honestly I think I take for granted that I have been a member my whole life. Sometimes I don't give credit where credit is due. Sometimes I like to think that the inspiration I have or had is my own. I think I fail to realize when the Holy Ghost is actually trying to teach me. While reading this book it taught me how to recognize the spirit in my life.

In the book there is a sub heading called "Create Your Own Spiritual Destiny". The story that went along with it touched me tremendously. This quote especially "It doesn't matter that your family was dysfunctional. You, like Abraham, can create your own spiritual destiny". I don't think any family is perfect, at least I know that mine isn't. We try, and we work together. This quote though gave me some fuel to give to other family members of mine who might be struggling. It was so great.

There are so many wonderful things I want to say about this book, but I think you should go pick it up for yourself and read it.

Thank you Deseret Book for giving me the opportunity to review this fabulous book. It taught me a lot.

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As members of the church, we are charged with teaching. Bro. Lund gives lots of scriptures to illustrate this point. He also gives many examples of the resources the Church commits to preaching and teaching the gospel, including providing meetinghouses, sending out missionaries, maintaining websites, preparing curriculum and producing movies and videos.

There are many scriptures, quotes by general authorities and stories given throughout the book to illustrate his points. He starts with chapters that focus on teaching and learning by the spirit and the functions of the Holy Ghost. Then he discusses the principles in action and ends with putting ourselves in tune.

One of my favorite stories was when he told of a mission tour he was doing and the mission president and his wife told them of a recent baptism. It was an older man named Bro. Jones who tended to be crusty and gruff. At the man's baptism, the mission president asked him what it was that made him decide to listen to the missionaries. The man told him that he was home one day watching television and could see out his front window. He saw two young men in white shirts and ties coming down the road. When they reached the gate to his picket fence, they opened it and started up his walk. As he watched them, the thought came to him: "I didn't know that God made young men like that anymore." So he let them in. Bro. Lund makes the point that the missionaries would have known that they had the Spirit with them when they taught Bro. Jones that day, but neither of the young men probably knew that their teaching by the Spirit began as they opened the gate and started up the walk, yet if that hadn't happened, nothing else would have followed.

Towards the end he shares four ways we can better help nurture others as we teach, and the focus there is on preparing ourselves so we can create an environment for the spirit to be felt and to teach directly from the scriptures. There's a lot of great information and insights in this book. I learned a lot from reading it and will definitely read it again and again!

Applicable to all of us - we're all teachers and learners
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

In Tune by Gerald N. Lund is a book about how the Spirit affects our teaching and our learning. This is a great book for everyone because we are all teachers - whether as a career, as a church calling, or as a parent. And we are all students in multiple settings. I love all the examples that he gives of the Spirit as a teacher in both the scriptures and in the lives of others. He has tons of great stories to help you understand what is happening when people teach and learn by the Spirit.

He also spends a lot of time helping you really understand the Holy Ghost himself and his roles which I love! This includes spiritual gifts and how they help with teaching.

I love how the book is set up - like a lesson plan. Gerald N. Lund is very organized and moves from point to point building on each concept. He also gives you a summary of what we've learned a little over halfway through the book to help refresh our memories. :-)

And one of the best chapters is at the end where he helps us know what we can do to be closer to the Spirit so that we are always in tune to teach.

There are so many opportunities for us to teach throughout our lives and being in tune with the Holy Ghost is the best way to do it. I love the examples Gerald Lund gives of parents at home teaching their kids. Because the Spirit can help us with that as well. All the little nudging, promptings, or thoughts we have in raising and teaching our children is the Holy Ghost. And as long as we are worthy to have him with us, he can help us.

Teaching by the Spirit demystified!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

In this uplifting read, Lund seeks to share with readers the importance of teaching effectively through the converting power of the Holy Ghost. He goes into depth on who we are teaching, what to teach, how to teach it… Perhaps the most important aspect of teaching is letting the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of what you are teaching. Lund dispels myths and goes into detail sharing first what teaching by the Spirit is not…then defines what it really means to teach by the Spirit…which surprised me and literally changed the way I thought teaching by the Spirit was supposed to look like. Eye opening: I have been doing a pretty good job of teaching by the Spirit, even thought I felt like I was failing. Yay! We are all teachers. Even if you are not holding a teaching calling in church right now or if you are not serving a full-time mission, we are all teachers in some way. We have a lot of opportunities to teach and minister to others without the formality of being a teacher… This book is a great resource for anyone but as a Sunday School Teacher (13 year olds) this was a very encouraging read that helped me to see what I was doing right and offered advice for more effective teaching.

Wonderful book, especially for teachers.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Elder Lund really has a way with words. In this book, he teaches the reader about teaching and learning through the Holy Ghost and the vital role it plays in the gospel plan. He starts by sharing a number of scriptures that emphasize the importance of every member of the church being a gospel teacher among each other and the world at large. He goes on to discuss the major role the Holy Ghost plays in teaching, how His help can be gained and the benefits it provides. A wonderful book that shares insights and helps especially for gospel teachers. One I can truly recommend.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Why read a book about teaching?

Because we are always in a state of either being the teacher...OR...we are learning from the teacher.

We must "edify and give light to others, to push back the darkness, to bring joy and lift and build each other spiritually."

This book will helps us be "in tune" with the Spirit while teaching AND/OR learning,

I LOVE the way Gerald Lund teaches...

He will first give you a principle...

And then he will give you a story to illustrate that principle.

A great way to retain, understand, and know how to apply what was just taught!

by becoming IN TUNE

Understanding the role of the Holy Ghost in teaching.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The Holy Ghost is integral to teaching. In Tune discusses the facts and fallacies of teaching "by the spirit". Gerald Lund takes a practical and understandable approach discussing the role of the Holy Ghost in effective teaching.

I found this book to be very interesting. There were many moments when the ideas presented struck a chord and explained concepts in a way that made sense. Many times in religious instructional books, the way the ideas are presented take time to figure out what the author is explaining. I didn't feel that way about this book. I appreciated the simplicity of the doctrine and writing.

This book is a great book for any gospel teacher. That includes primary teachers, seminary teachers, parents, etc. Everyone is a teacher in one form or another. I think that the ideas will help make us better students of the gospel.

I am very grateful that I took the time to read this book. I read a chapter each night to ponder the principals. I think it will help me in my learning as well as my teaching.

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