Ultimate Questions

by Truman G. Madsen

Ultimate questions

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In this last known footage of beloved scholar Truman G. Madsen, two of his dear friends, David Noel Freedman, one of the world's most respected biblical scholars, and Rabbi David Rosen, known as "the Pope's Rabbi," join Truman in separate conversations. With Freedman, he explores insights about the nature of God and His relationship with man, and with Rosen, he explores persistent problems of religious intolerance today.

DAVID NOEL FREEDMAN, one of the world's foremost Bible experts and a renowned Hebrew scholar, compiled and edited the 120-volume Anchor Bible project, which includes commentaries by world-class scholars. In his conversation with Truman, freedman explores how the Latter-day Saint concept of God and man is consistent with the text of the Hebrew Bible. This illuminating discussion between personal friends is spellbinding.

RABBI DAVID ROSEN has represented world Jewry in its relations with other religions for many years. He was instrumental in bringing Pop John Paul II to Jerusalem, where the Pope issued a groundbreaking statement concerning the love of God for the Jewish people. In his conversation with Truman, Rabbi Rosen shares some of his wide-ranging experience bringing Christians, Muslims, and Jews together, and gives timely counsel about how to confront the challenge of religious intolerance today.

About the Author

Truman G. Madsen

TRUMAN G. MADSEN received graduate degrees in philosophy and the philosophy of religion from the University of Utah and Harvard. He served as the director of the Judeo-Christian Studies Center at BYU and as director of the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. He is widely recognized as an expert on the life and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Brother Madsen, who passed away in the summer of 2009, was a prolific author who is also known for his memorable audio and video presentations on a variety of gospel subjects.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The first thing that greets you with this great video is the marvelous Ann Madsen, (if you haven't seen the DVD video "Opening Isaiah," you have missed a gem). Near the close of Truman Madsen's life, he and his wife were endeavoring on this video project that would involve interviews with renowned scholars, with an emphasis on things that matter most. The production values in this video are sparkling. I don't know how they accomplished it, but you begin to think you are seeing a high definition picture - on a DVD. The images are beautiful. Brother Madsen is at his best; the thoughts that come from him are void of pretense, and they shine with genuine insight and import. And it is clear that his interviewees are aware of it, and truly appreciate it. A weakness in Deseret Book's doings is that they sometimes don't PROMOTE the very finest things - the things that deserve it above others, (EG, the DVD "Uintah United," a priceless video that fell beneath anyone's notice, resulting in low sales and Deseret's eventual decision to actually drop it from their inventory). I hope that fate does not befall this great production. You just have to see it. You will cherish the time spent doing so.

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