Unlocking Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

by Victor L. Ludlow

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Product Description

In the treasure chest of the Book of Mormon scriptures, gems of Isaiah seem to be locked away in secure compartments. This book opens these Isaiah compartments and polishes the precious gems of his prophetic wisdom and symbolic poetry. Including chapters about Isaiah as prophet and poet, Isaiah and the brass plates of Laban, and Isaiah's message for Latter-day Saints, this insightful volume will enhance your study of the Book of Mormon and give you a greater appreciation for the priceless contributions of the Prophet Isaiah.

Published: November 2003

Pages: 266

About the Author

Victor L. Ludlow

Dr. Victor L. Ludlow graduated with high honors from BYU and was a Danforth Fellow at Harvard and Brandeis Universities, where he received a Ph.D. in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Since 1972, he has taught a variety of classes at BYU and in Jerusalem, with an emphasis on the Bible (especially the writings of Isaiah), the Book of Mormon, and Judaism. He is currently a professor of Ancient Scripture and the Coordinator for Near Eastern Studies at BYU. He has also served as chair of the BYU Faculty General Education Council and on the BYU Faculty Advisory Council.

Brother Ludlow is currently serving in the Church as a bishop. His other callings have included branch president, high councilor, stake young men's president, counselor in a stake presidency, and president of the Germany Frankfurt Mission (1983-86).

He and his wife, V-Ann (Virginia Ann), are the parents of four sons and two daughters, and the grandparents of fifteen children.

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Great reference book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Ludlow is my favorite author on Isaiah. He provides insight on Isaiah that are easy to understand and make Isaiah's writings approachable. This book does have a similar introduction and historical context in the the beginning as his other book "Isaiah: Prophet, Seer Poet" and it teaches some of the same things but it adds the additional focus on the writings in Isaiah and showing how they relate to the latter day.

Unlock the chiasmas for yourself!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book unlocks the mystery of the chiasmas for me. I've never known what it was or why it was. The Jewish way of prophesying did confuse me before but now makes sense and is more powerful. Truly, the Lord speaks our individual languages so all of us can plainly understand the prophecies in Isaiah and the Book of Mormon.

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