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By , Submitted on 2016-12-25

Ogden & Skinner provide great commentary and explanation to the scriptures in this series. Wish they had Doctrine & Covenants Verse by Verse. Commentary includes physical settings, customs and historical references that help you understand the meaning and symbolism often employed in the scriptures. Pictures are included and help the reader have a visual setting when studying. The only negative I can say about their study guides is it is not set up in a true verse-by-verse format. The commentary runs with the verses in the scriptures, however, the verses being discussed are usually NOT included in the text. To really get the most out of this, you need your scriptures in one hand and the commentary in the other. (David Ridges' study guides are set up verse by verse quotes followed by the commentary). The historical and cultural settings are helpful, though at times I feel the contemporary, "Mormon" take clouds the ancient, Jewish original. You cannot think, "I want to see what is said about Matthew 9 and the story of the woman with an issue of blood." Instead of arranging it by Bible reference, the New Testament is arranged by periods of time--the Galilean Ministry for example. You have to flip through the book (or even worse on the eBook) until you see those verses referenced in the text. You will see the scripture references, not the scripture quote. Though I find the layout of David Ridges' verse-by-verse more user-friendly, the insight by Ogden & Skinner does not always duplicate what is in other reference studies. I find these are my second line Go-To's mainly due to the layout.