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By , Submitted on 2018-08-12

This indeed was a romance but I felt like it was much more. There was heartache and forgiveness, something I admired and loved this book. It’s well written and shows great courage in the characters!! I would defiantly recommend this book!

Katie Capperton

Much more than a romance!
By , Submitted on 2017-09-01

I expected this book to be a typical regency romance, but it was much more than that. Yes, there was romance, but it was more importantly a lesson in honesty, guilt, consequences, and forgiveness, including forgiving yourself. This is my favorite Josi Kilpack book! Great for all ages, but I want all my young friends to read it!

The Vicar's Daughter
By , Submitted on 2017-08-05

Absolutely loved this book. Beautifully written and completely engrossing. The audio recording was wonderful too.

Not a comedy
By , Submitted on 2017-06-02

Cassie, the youngest of six daughters in the Wilton family, is bold, bright, and ready to enter society. There's only one problem: her older sister Lenora, whose extreme shyness prevents her from attending many social events. Lenora is now entering her third season, and since their father has decreed that only one Wilton girl can be out at a time, Cassie has no choice except to wait her turn.

Evan Glenside, a soft-spoken, East London clerk, has just been named his great-uncle's heir and, though he is eager to learn all that will be required of him, he struggles to feel accepted in a new town and in his new position.

A chance meeting between Evan and Lenora promises to change everything, but when Lenora proves too shy to pursue the relationship, Cassie begins to write Mr. Glenside letters in the name of her sister. Her good intentions lead to disaster when Cassie realizes she is falling in love with Evan. But then Evan begins to court Lenora, thinking she is the author of the letters.

As secrets are revealed, the hearts of Cassie, Evan, and Lenora are tested. Will the final letter sent by the vicar's daughter be able to reunite the sisters as well as unite Evan with his true love?

This is the second Regency I've read by Kilpack. It started out with another main character who was a bit selfish and self-centered but Cassie does have a good heart. When the letter writing began, I thought it was going to be Cyrano de Bergerac kind of comedy. Nope. Kilpack doesn't seem to go into light-hearted.

Things went bad once Cassie started falling in love with the man in the letters. It was hard to read the series of events that followed and was a little startling after my comedy expectations. But as I said, Cassie has a good heart, and she accepted responsibility for her actions and had the courage to face adversity to limit the impact her actions would have had on others.

Her parents bugged me, her mother especially. She might have been married to a clergyman, but she wasn't very Christian in her attitude about a lot of things. But she had some things right, so there was that saving grace.

The resolution is sweet and well worth the rough journey to get there.

4 1/2 stars

My Favorite So Far!
By , Submitted on 2017-05-05

I love sweet Regency romances and I have enjoyed all the Josi Kilpack books I have read, but this is my favorite so far! I loved this book. The situation was unique and exactly one I’d always hoped a Regency would address; I've often heard how horrible this particular situation would be, but I'd never actually read one that I can think of. (Sorry for the vagueness of my statement. I am trying to review without spoiling it!)

In addition, Kilpack's writing, and this book specifically, has all the feels. I truly felt despair for the characters but that made the other parts that much sweeter and fulfilling—and one of my all-time favorite proposals ever. While I’ve never experienced social anxiety, I felt for the character who was hobbled by it, and felt the resolution was logical, believable, and hopeful.

It is perfect for anyone who wants a sweet historical romance--young or old--and one book I will read again!

Another favorite Proper Romance!
By , Submitted on 2017-05-01

I LOVED this book! I loved the character of Cassie--her vibrant personality that got her into so much trouble when she was only trying to help her very shy sister Lenora to find a husband in Evan. The twist right at the beginning of the story is that Cassie starts to fall in love with Evan. I love Evan's character as well and it was fun to read from his perspective as he tried to figure out the stark differences between "Lenora's letters" and her real temperament in person.
I read this book quickly because I couldn't wait to get to the happy ending. I really enjoyed the setting of this book in the countryside away from London. It's still Regency England but the courtship process was slightly more relaxed. I also enjoyed the family that Kilpack created with Cassie having five sisters and Evan having two sisters as well. I hope there are more stories to be told from this little village! I think this is one of my favorite from the proper romance line. If you decide to read it, beware, you might fall in love with the characters too!
I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hope, Compassion, and Redemption
By , Submitted on 2017-04-30

4.5 stars

There are times when you finish a book and sigh in contentment. This is one of those books for me. The story is wonderful and the characters are people that I would like to know.

The book is about a vicar's daughter (Cassie) who is desperate for her sister to marry, so she can be courted and find a husband of her own. She takes drastic measures that backfire when she falls in love the the man she intends for her sister.

That is the basic premise of the story, but it has more. Cassie is a lovely character, her selfishness has repercussions she did not think about. She spends a lot of time reflecting on her character flaws and trying to make restitution. I loved how she saw the needs of the people around her and did her best to help them. She had fantastic growth that really made the story inspirational.

As usual, Josi Kilpack has written another wonderful book. I know that when she writes, I read.

The book has some kissing and Christian themes.

Source: I received a complimentary copy from Shadow Mountain Publishing. All thought and opinions of the book are my own.

So good I'm hoping for a sequel
By , Submitted on 2017-04-25

I love Proper Romances and this is one of my favorites! As I read the book and was getting to the end I still kept thinking, how is this all going to work out? Kilpack kept me intrigued and guessing the whole time. Sisters in love with the same man is a tricky situation and you can't help but feel for the sister who doesn't get to be with the man she loves. And I think Kilpack leaves the story open for an additional book about the other sister. Yes???

A wonderful story!
By , Submitted on 2017-04-18

Josi Kilpack has written another winning historical romance. I've really come to love this A Proper Romance series by Shadow Mountain. There hasn't been one that I haven't absolutely adored. Kilpack's books though have a unique feeling of depth to them as her characters make mistakes, then have to deal with the consequences. There are even times when I don't like the characters, or at least want to jump into the book and tell them not to do certain things.

Cassie longs to be out in society but because of her parents rules, she must wait until her sister, Lenora, finds a husband. The problem is that Lenora is so painfully shy that she avoids social events whenever possible. After hearing about an encounter between Lenora and Evan Glenside at the latest ball, Cassie decides that this may be her chance to help her sister find a match. What she doesn't expect however is to fall for Evan herself. And like most such deceptions, the truth comes out eventually, but not until things have moved far enough along between Evan and Lenora that a scandal results. And now Cassie, Lenora, and Evan, as well as their families must live with the consequences.

I really enjoyed getting to know Cassie and Evan, the letters were especially fun. But it's especially touching to watch Cassie as she grows up and starts to think more about others. And poor Evan, what a sweet man, who is having to not only adjust to a rise in social status, but now he must face a damaged reputation. Thankfully, Cassie works hard to try to undo as much of the damage as she can. Not only has Kilpack written a beautiful romance, but also a touching story of repentance and forgiveness and the need we all have to change and improve. This book is definitely going on my favorites shelf.

Sweet Romance
By , Submitted on 2017-04-13

The Proper Romance collection from Shadow Mountain has another winner with The Vicar's Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack. One thing that I love about these books is that in addition to being clean, they are all so different. Don't get me wrong, I'm up for reading most clean romance novels, but it's nice to have the variations in locations, social status, and characters.

I wondered how long Cassie would keep up the letter lie, but was glad it didn't go on for more than half the book. Then I wondered what would happen for the rest of the book. It was a sweet story with a happy ending. I'm glad Cassie grew up through her experience. She did so as penance in a lot of ways, but it made her a better person.

I liked Evan and his family. What an awkward situation to switch classes and not know what is expected and have so many people judging you. It was interesting especially with Evan to think someone was his friend and then he still spoke unkindly behind Evan's back.

I liked how everything turned out in the end. This is a quick, clean read that I'd recommend.

Engaging Story with Great Characters
By , Submitted on 2017-04-11

Happiness is reading books by Josi Kilpack. She has refined her craft and become such a fabulous writer. This book felt more like a journey than a story. Her characters, flawed yet so endearing, settled right into my mind and my heart.

This story weaves several characters together- Cassie, Evan and Lenora. Each play a vital role in the story. Cassie has become impatient waiting for her older sister Lenora to make a match and decides to take matters into her own hands. What starts as a little charade turns into a mess of epic proportions. Cassie is left to pick up the pieces and set things back to right for not just her family but Evan and his family as well. I loved Cassie's desire to make things right. She owns up to her faults and tries desperately to make restitution. You can't help but admire that. I absolutely adored Evan. He is a genuinely good person and that is portrayed all through this book. Evan is a constant- and anchor of sorts for this book. Loved him.

There is a gentle flow to this book. It isn't fast paced or surprising but kept me engaged all the way through. I was really pulling for Cassie, hoping that she would find her own happy in the end. I wasn't disappointed. The ending was worth the struggle to get there.

Content: Clean

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

My favorite book I've read this year!
By , Submitted on 2017-04-10

Oh my goodness! I loved everything about this book. I loved Cassie! I loved the way she is at the beginning, she's spirited and just knows that waiting for Lenora to get married is ruining her life. But I also really loved the way she grows through out the book. The Cassie at the beginning is not the same girl by the end of the book. She has grown more humble, willing to look outward and find those in need of her help, and loving to all around her. I loved the way she's so impetuous and doesn't think of what could go wrong if anyone finds out that she's the one writing the letters. Not to even mention, what would happen if her parents found out that either she or Lenora are receiving letters from a gentleman. I loved the way both Evan and Cassie begin to fall for each other over the course of their correspondence, so cute!

Evan...I loved the way he is a true gentleman. He doesn't really know enough about what gentlemen do to know that he shouldn't be corresponding with either sister. When he finds out, he does what he feels is the honorable thing for his actions. There are several points in the book where he has to do something that will be exceedingly hard, but he knows that the hard thing is the right and proper thing to do, so he does it anyway. He's not perfect, but he is a great character that I loved.

I really loved the whole plot line of this one. I loved the feel of it, it's a regency romance, but it feels less stuffy than a lot of them do, giving it almost a more modern feel.

And the plot is just amazing! I loved the way it seemed as though there was no hope that Cassie could ever find happiness and...well, I don't want to give anything away, you'd better go read it yourself!

This is probably my favorite book I've read this year, but that could change very quickly! I'm sure it will be a contender for next year's Whitney Awards. Such a great book! Go get your own copy!

Engaging and sweet
By , Submitted on 2017-04-04

What do you do when you're so caught up in a story that you don't want to put it down for anything? You read all day, of course!

Cassie is the youngest daughter of a vicar and isn't allowed to "come out" to society until her older, extremely anxiety-ridden and shy, sister is married off. Cassie has the very best intentions at heart when she secretly writes letters to a potential beau, posing as her sister, but it all backfires in a heart wrenching way.

When my husband and I were first dating, I remember being in the computer lab at school and I was instant messaging him. I had to leave for a minute and my friend took over, pretending to be me. Understandably, he wasn't too happy about that and I could completely see how Evan felt about his whole situation with these two sisters, although his was carried much further.   

I was very caught up in the whole story and felt a part of it from the start. The emotions are very tangibly written--from the attraction, to the flutters of love, to the pain and anguish associated with guilt. If I was caught in a similar situation, I'd want to run and hide, but Cassie does everything she can to repair things and I can't help but to admire her greatly. This book has a very engaging storyline, as well as fantastic characters, and I loved it all!

Content: mild romance; mild moments of innocent deception.

By , Submitted on 2017-03-31

A fun telling of a girl who just wants love and desires to help her sister gain it before she can. But, as all things go, it doesn't go as planned and becomes a thing that must be corrected. Cassie tries so hard. I adore how this all plays out. Definitely a MUST-READ!

By , Submitted on 2017-03-31

I love me some Proper Romance Books. I love them. I haven't read one yet that hasn't been wonderful. Kilpack does it again with another great novel.

Historical romances are probably one of my favorite genre's. This story is so sweet, and so frustrating all at the same time. Which makes it a wonderful read. I couldn't put this book down.

Cassie is dying to be out in society, but she has to wait for her older sister to find a match. Lenora, is quiet, scared, and not good in social situations. Cassie on the other hand is out going, connects well with people, and is ready to be out and available to date. Tradition is tradition though, and Cassie's parents are all about tradition.

A new man is in town though, and he is new to the whole high society thing. He has become heir to his Great-Uncles fortune because he is the only surviving heir to take over. While he is trying to become acquainted with the high life he takes a breather at one of the balls.

While taking his break he hears someone else come up, and hears her crying so Evan tries not to intrude, but wants to offer a neckerchief to her. When doing so he meets Lenora. It's a just a quick meet but enough to peak an interest.

Cassie, sees an opportunity, and takes it. If she can get Lenora married she can finally come out in society and start a family of her own.

What Cassie does, is out of love for her sister, even if it is a bit deceitful. This is when the story gets really interesting.

There is a love story, along with some impropriety and deceit. It makes for an interesting story. It's the first time this little town has really seen any kind of scandal.

If you like historical romances you will enjoy this book. I hope you take a chance to read it.

Source: I was given this book as part of a tour. I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.

Content: Clean and wonderful

Lovely & Captivating Story
By , Submitted on 2017-03-16

My favorite proper romance from Josi. I loved Cassie's character, and her thought process. Though the story doesn't have a ton of depth, it has just enough to keep you captivated and rooting for a happy ending.

An intriguing love story full of character development
By , Submitted on 2017-03-01

This was an intriguing love story full of character development. In the beginning I felt like Cassie was pretty self-centered and I wasn't really sure she deserved Evan (whom I thought was such a good person and I felt so bad that almost all of the fall out came down on him). But at the same time, I would probably have felt much the same as she did in her circumstances. And she really grew and developed as the story went on. I also like that the story didn't shy away from the consequences and results of her deception. Everyone really suffered for a while. As it was getting closer to the end I was wondering how it was going to all come together in time and in some ways the ending did seem a little sudden or with a little too much of a prefect bow on the top, but I was still happy.

The opposite of Pride & Prejudice!
By , Submitted on 2017-02-11

The Vicar's Daughter is a fresh new approach to a heavily saturated market of stories. Often you will come across a story you love, amazing characters, lots of chemistry etc, but yet the plot will be blatantly overused. This was great! In contrast to Jane Austen's 'Pride & Prejudice' - all the daughters being out at once - the Wilton family of 5 daughters must each wait their turn. All well and good, if they are equally sufficient in catching the eyes of suitors. But what happens when one of them has had 3 seasons, and suffers with what today we would classify as Social Anxiety Disorder? It is such a crippling struggle, that I can imagine in this kind of society in which you are limited to making a match through how you performed publicly, finding personal happiness must have been nigh impossible. Unless you have this yourself or know someone close to you that does, it can be very difficult to truly understand it. Your heart will break with the same desires as those around you, yet trapped by lack of ability to behave as carefree as those who don't. People call it shyness or nerves. It is not. They want to love and have happiness and fun just the same way you do.

I am drawn to the plight of Leonora Wilton. Equally empathetic to the frustration of youngest daughter Cassandra (Cassie). Will she ever get her turn? Leonora cannot converse, or attract the attention in order to dance at the social events she is in attendance of. Cassie is now 20, and as most girls were 18 at their debut, she is starting to worry. I must admit I thought considering the circumstances the Vicar & his wife seemed a bit short sighted, but then I am looking thru the lens of the 21st century, and knowing that having the right people present with those with anxiety, it can be an incredible support.

Evan Glenside is a like-able character, that endears the reader quickly. He's a fresh face to the gentry, having inherited the heir to the title position unexpectedly. The sections written between him and Cassie were beautifully done and I could not put this book down. Heavy on the remorse, and harsh punishment it felt like at times, I was grateful to see all come to rights in the end. I appreciated the insight that sometimes taking someone away from the comfort zone and protective behaviors that were born out of love, that Leonora found the space to find the courage to 'be'. That isn't always the answer, but I do agree that in discovering that you can do something yourself, the knowledge in that brings great power, to move forward!

Thank you to Shadow Mountain & Netgalley for the complimentary copy. This is my honest review.

Another Great one from Shadow Mountain's A Proper Romance line
By , Submitted on 2017-02-09

This is another book in Shadow Mountain's A Proper Romance Line. Josi Kilpack has written several books in this line. This one is excellent, just like the others.

I could tell from the description of this book that I was going to be uncomfortable. I have a hard time with the "reveal" of deception. I always wonder how it could possibly work out. So I went in to this book already wondering "how can this possibly work out?".

I enjoyed reading the development of the relationships in this book. Some of these relationships include Cassie's relationships with her sister, her parents, herself and Evan as well as Lenora's relationship with Evan, her parents, and herself. The relationships change in the course of the book to a deeper level. They mature as the characters gain more understanding and develop their own selves.

As much as this is a romance, one of my favorite aspects of the book is the development of Cassie and her sister, Lenora. Both women are stilted in their emotions. Both are somewhat self absorbed. As they reap the consequences of their actions, they see life from a different perspective. They see each other from a different perspective as well. They mature in being concerned for others.

And, I truly loved both Cassie and Evan as their relationship unfolded. I hoped that they could find happiness, hopefully with each other, but if not, then somehow with someone else. There were painful moments and happy moments and I'm glad that I had a smile on my face when the book ended. Josi Kilpack found a way for the conflict to "work out".

Warnings: None

I would let my 15 year old read this book.