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Fascinating and enlightening.
By , Submitted on 2017-02-22

The story of the first Mormon pioneers to reach Utah makes for great reading. This book is intended for younger readers and it works very well in that regard. The text is very readable, divided up into chapters by stages of the journey. I appreciated having a map to follow as the journey progressed. This is some fine narrative nonfiction. The inclusion of photographs as well as illustrations of paintings and other artifacts helped bring the story to life. Another thing I appreciated was the inclusion of the bad with the good. As Saints and pioneers, it's easy to idolize these people and forget that they were human just as we are. Stories of complaining and disagreements, mistakes made, and some plain just rotten days make this story and the people who were a part of it, easier to relate to. And in the end it makes their accomplishments all the more admirable because they had to overcome their own weaknesses as well as the challenges of the journey. With a story like this one, it's easy to become overly generic, but the authors do a good job of integrating individual accounts and experiences into the main narration, giving the reader a peek into specific moments of the journey. For those who hope to help their children understand the purposes and experiences related to this part of Church history, I can highly recommend this book.