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Good Grief
By , Submitted on 2019-08-20

Although the book had an excellent story line, I felt that it was a great rough draft. First off, the author doesn't need to justify why he is suited to write about these topics. Putting that at the beginning was like a huge FICTION- NOT A REAL STORY sign.
The author is very good at captivating his reader but I felt that for a teenage girl, the intellect was that of someone who had been to several years of college. It was seriously as if the author is trying to prove how intelligent he is by constantly mentioning different classic books by famous authors and using big words that not even my AP English kids would use.

There was a dominant loophole in the story which hopefully most people won't catch but I was very disappointed in the publisher for not doing a better job of editing, publishing prematurely. With all the author's education being mentioned in the fields he studied, I was expecting a flawless piece of work.
The story is good, I just kept getting a constant reminder that this is a work of fiction by the language rarely suited for two teens having conversations.
Hopefully, next time, he will hire me as his editor, or at least a perfectionist. There are writing groups out there through MeetUp, etc. that you can have your work critiqued by other writers which would really help. All in all, it was a definite commercial message to not use this publisher when my manuscript is finished. Good Grief.

By , Submitted on 2019-05-04

I am fascinated with the human mind. Our brain is part of us but why can’t we control it like a arm or leg movement? These kids are suffering, heartbreaking, raw uncontrollable pain.

I give 5 star ratings for 2 reasons, for books that I would listen to again or for books that I dwell on after finishing. Not interested in listening to this again, but yes indeed this book is staying with me a week later. Fritz, Addie, and sweet Martha . . .

A Moving Portrayal of a Teen's Journey with Mental Illness.
By , Submitted on 2019-04-25

Waiting for Fitz is a novel with deep subject matter. Both main characters are dealing with mental illness. Addie has OCD and Fitz is diagnosed with schizophrenia. They meet at the hospital in the psych ward. They hit it off and become fast friends. This is their story of learning how to deal with their illness and how it has affected their past and how it will affect their future. This book at times is hard to read as you see what all of the teens at this psych ward are dealing with. These teens are very unique in their style and approach to life. Personally, I really liked this novel and the journey each character went on. If you yourself or someone you know lives with some type of mental illness you'll be able to relate well to Addie, Fitz, and the others.

This novel is for older teens and adults.

By , Submitted on 2019-03-27

I was somewhat nervous about this book because of the unpredictability of mental illness. Was it going to be depressing and have a sad ending? Thankfully it has a happy ending. There is definitely tragedy, and it’s dealing with heavy issues, but Addie’s first person telling and her humor lightened things considerably.

This is the first thing I’ve read by Stephen Hyde. He did a great job of writing from a teen girl’s point of view (which I had been worried about because many don't have the skill to pull that off). The story is well written and engaging. I was able to connect to some of the characters and really felt for many of them.

I loved the support Addie’s mom gave her. It was exactly the opposite experience of at least one of the other characters, so that contrast really made you feel so many emotions.

The description of the mental hospital was very interesting. I like how normal things seemed in the ward at times, and then Didi would yell out some show title. :)

I can see myself reading this again, and I recommended it to my teenage daughter (who also liked it and thought Addie's situation was very interesting). Waiting for Fitz is clean with one mild swearword and some brief violence.

Tugs on your heart strings and keeps you engaged. I loved it! LOVED IT.
By , Submitted on 2019-03-07

This book was both entertaining and informative. Tugs on your heart strings and keeps you engaged. I loved it! LOVED IT.

It has a Faults In Our Stars vibe to it, but it is entirely its own story.

Following Addie through her recovery and self-discovery provides a new look into a psych ward. Though it’s not the ideal place, the patients there understand and love their progress and growth. Mental illness in this book is not sugarcoated. There are some deep and heavy topics addressed. However, the mental illnesses the patients were diagnosed with didn’t define them, which I absolutely loved. You are okay just as you are.

For someone who doesn’t know much about the struggles of one diagnosed with OCD, this was incredibly insightful into the life of someone who deals with this kind of mental illness. Would recommend to all youth and young adults.