Walk with Me: The Paintings of Greg Olsen

by Greg Olsen

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5069206 walk with me

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The finest inspirational art enables us to leave the stormy, rocky, and troubled world behind and enter the Lord's realm of transcendent peace and happiness. Featuring 84 stunning paintings, this collection from beloved artist Greg Olsen reminds us that the kingdom of God is not only a place, but also a concept — a spiritual destination for the believing and the pure in heart. Uplifting quotes, scriptural passages, and descriptive text from the artist illuminate the meanings of this rich variety of paintings, which includes lush landscapes, classic Americana, and inspiring renderings of the Savior Himself. A perfect gift for loved ones, this beautiful volume helps us experience heaven not only as a distant hope on the horizon, but also as our sanctuary moment by moment.

About the Author

Greg Olsen

The art of Greg Olsen illuminates the soul and spirit of its subjects and uplifts the hearts and minds of its viewers. Olsen's diverse interests are deftly demonstrated in oil paintings that range from the realistic and historical to the whimsical. His luminous, delicate portraits capture not only his subject's likeness, but their spirit as well. Landscapes of scenes from America and the world over reflect the perfect beauty of the minds eye.

Born in 1958, Olsen was raised in a farming community in rural Idaho. His parents, artists themselves, recognized and encouraged his early love of drawing. Later, the devoted tutelage of a high school teacher cemented his affinity and enhanced his technical ability. After studying illustration at Utah State University, he was hired as an in-house illustrator in Salt Lake City, working on anything from murals and dioramas to simple paste-up. Two years later, he followed a friend's advice and began painting full-time. Sales from his first show only just covered the cost of refreshments and invitations, but yielded the first of many commissions that were to come.

Greg’s philosophy on art is quite simple. “I appreciate the beauty of art and the way it makes me feel,” he says. “I believe that art has the potential to heal our souls, inspire our hearts and awaken our minds. I hope these images will bring this experience to all who view them.”

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Great Book for People of Other Faiths; Gave Book as a Memorial Gift to Family.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This past week the Mother of a very close friend passed away. I went to our LDS bookstore looking for a beautiful book to give to the family as a memorial book celebrating her life. I found the Greg Olsen book of paintings, poems, scriptures, and prose: "Walk With Me." I purchased a book for
a granddaughter of the lady and had "Memaw" engraved in gold on the front cover. Then I came home and ordered one fron Deseret Book and had it shipped overnight to the daughter of the lady.
It is excellent for people of all faiths and religions. I read thru the book twice. Greg Olsen's poetry and prose are very beautiful and the scriptures cited are very appropriate. It is a beautiful gift for any occasion: graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. The paintings of the Savior are peaceful and refreshing and the paintings of different landscape scenes are very beautiful. Thank you to Greg Olsen for creating a Masterpiece Book to share his testimony of the Savior and his testimony of the peace that can come by viewing the beautiful landscapes of the earth. Mabel R. Boone

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