I Walked to Zion: True Stories of Young Pioneers on the Mormon Trail

by Susan Arrington Madsen

I Walked to Zion: True Stories of Young Pioneers on the Mormon Trail
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What did pioneer children do for fun? What did they fear as they

crossed the plains? What was it like for someone who traveled without

parents? Many books have been written about the westward journey of the

early latter day saints — often called one of the greatest epics in American history. In most of these descriptions however, children and teenagers

are rarely seen and almost never heard. I Walked to Zion looks at this

migration from the perspective of young people who experienced the great


Susan Arrington Madsen, author of The Lord Needed a Prophet, has

collected actual accounts of thirty young people (under the age of twenty)

who were members of Mormon wagon trains and handcart companies. You'll

hear their voices through their recollection found in journals and

autobiographies. B. H. Roberts describes how he and his sister traveled

from England as virtual orphans until they joined their mother in Utah.

Fanny Fry tells of her fear when she was nearly crushed to death by a

heavily loaded handcart.

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About the Author

Susan Arrington Madsen

Susan Arrinton Madsen is author of several books. She and her husband, Dean, have four daughters and live in Hyde Park, Utah.

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