Watch Your Back

by Clair M. Poulson

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When local radio personality Bronson Melville is accused of murder, the crime appears to be one of passion. The case should be open and shut. But as Detective Gage Tipson soon discovers, this homicide is just one piece in a diabolical puzzle that will test his instincts to their limit. As Gage struggle sto uncover the evidence that will bring down the suspect once and for all, he finds his efforts frustrated at every turn by the ruthless interference of Melville's big-shot attorney.

When a second body is discovered, the shocking identity of the victim strikes dangerously close to home, and Gage's investigation gets personal. With his theories turned upside down, Gage is back to the drawing board—but this time, with the assistance of a beautiful woman as intent on finding the truth as he is. Time is running out as Gage tracks the twisted trial of a murderer who will not hesitate to kill again . . .

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Audiobook NarratorJason Tatom
Audiobook RuntimeApproximately 9.25 hrs.

About the Author

Clair M. Poulson

Clair M. Poulson retired after twenty years in law enforcement. During his career he served in the U.S. Military Police Corps, the Utah Highway Patrol, and the Duchesne County Sheriff's Department, where he was first a deputy and the the county sheriff. He currently serves as a justice court judge for Duchesne County, a position he has held for nineteen years. His nearly forty-year career working in the criminal justice system has provided a wealth of material from which he draws in writing his books. Clair has served on numerous boards and committees over the years. Among them are the Utah Judicial Council, and FBI advisory board, the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the Utah Justice Court Board of Directors, and the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Other interests include activity in the LDS Church, assisting his oldest son in operating their grocery store, ranching with his oldest son and other family members, and raising registered Missouri Fox Trotter horses. Clair and his wife, Ruth, live in Duchesne and are the parents of five married children. They have twenty-two grandchildren.

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Watch your back
By , Submitted on 2019-05-29

Sappy port character development. Story line not believable

Great book
By , Submitted on 2019-05-23

This was fun. I appreciate the epilogue. I wouldn’t mind a follow up book or 2.

By , Submitted on 2019-05-22


By , Submitted on 2019-05-10

Action, mystery and twists and turns. The audio narrator is fantastic. More more more please!

I loved the way this book kept me guessing!
By , Submitted on 2019-03-13

Clair Poulson is one of my very favorite clean suspense authors. He really just has a way with writing suspense novels. And his characters are so great!

This one is told from the perspective of Gage Tipton, the detective assigned to the case. I loved Gage’s character. He was smart and able to do whatever was needed to figure out this case. Everything from quick thinking to scuba diving.

I loved the way this book has crazy situation after crazy situation. They all seemed like coincidences, but they all kind of interconnect. Everything to the woman Gage is dating to someone seeing some men at night on the lake. Wow, the plot of this one really kept me guessing!

There are so many characters in this one, and they’re all great! I loved them all, except for the bad guys of course.

This is one suspense book you won’t want to put down! Make sure to get your own copy!

This thriller will keep you jumping and pacing until the final dramatic end!
By , Submitted on 2019-03-03

Watch Your Back is an exciting book to read. Main character Detective Gage Tipton was my favorite in the novel. Though he had so many things riding against him, including the bad guys going after him and his potential love interest, Gage just doesn't get a break that often. The thing I loved most about this novel is that it plays out in your mind like an action movie. The criminals in the book always stay a step ahead of everyone else that keeps the readers on edge. The "BAD" guys in this novel are very bad reminiscent of the mafia.

I devoured this book over a single weekend reading it as often as I could. It was a hard one to put down, so I suggest you put aside a good amount of time to sit down and read this novel. It would be a great book to listen to on Audible. Clair Poulson has written so many great novels in the past, but I would put this up there as one of his very best. I loved it! With so much action and intrigue, this thriller will keep you jumping and pacing until the final dramatic end.

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