We Believe in Christmas

by M. Weber Longoria, Mark Missman

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Each magical moment of Christmas brings us closer to Christ. From green fir trees to the lights that surround them, every traditional detail hearkens to our memory that silent night of Nativity. As we celebrate the season, surrounded by shopping, stockings, and all things red and green, this festive book, with its stunningly beautiful artwork, reminds us to reflect on what the Christmas sprit means, renewing our belief in our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

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Size8.5 x 10
PublishedCovenant Communications 2016

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M. Weber Longoria

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Mark Missman

From an early age Mark Missman was drawn to art and spirituality. Raised by loving parents who were actively involved in the church, he would take the bible to bed to read as a child and later became president of the church youth group. As a boy he carefully drew pictures free hand, keeping the images in a portfolio that he treasured and kept by his side. He soon began drawing charcoal portraits of family and also painted still life's on an easel set up in the basement of his family's home. His first experience with realism (drawing a rowboat in perspective in the third grade) launched him toward what would become his great artistic passion.

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