We Shall Make Music: Stories of the Primary Songs

by Patricia Kelsey Graham


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Since the 1989 publication of the Children’s Songbook, adults and children alike have been fascinated with the miracles that accompanied the creation of the songs and the songbook. In We Shall Make Music, author and songwriter Patricia Graham has recorded her personal experiences as well as researched other sources, now out of print, to complete this priceless collection. This volume includes enjoyable historical “reads” and collective stories from one hundred ninety-nine poets and composers who shared their best talents to strengthen children through their work\n

About the Author

Patricia Kelsey Graham

Pat said she grew up on a piano bench. She played for weekday Primary when she was ten and became ward organist at fourteen. She spent many years as Jr. Sunday School coordinator, Young Women president, and Relief Society president, then was called to the Primary General Board where she served from 1980-1988. 'Everything I know how to do I learned through my service in the Church,' Pat explains. However, she did supplement that experience with a BA in Elementary Education from BYU and a Masters of Education from the University of Utah where she taught for nine years in the Preparatory Division of the Music Department.

She has taught private piano since 1962, wrote the Sharing Time page in the Friend magazine for many years, and is the composer and author of five Primary songs, as well as the books Sing Out! Songbook, Sing about Families and Helping Children Compose.

Pat and her husband, G. Robert Graham, live in Salt Lake City and are the parents of six children and twenty perfect grandchildren. They have served a welfare services mission to Detroit, Michigan.

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