For What It's Worth

by Karey White


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Abby's dream of owning her own cake shop is finally coming true, but she's still not sure what to charge for her cakes. Deciding to let her customers determine her cakes' worth quickly turns Abby into a real celebrity. But her newfound fame could end up costing her everything. This delectable romance is sure to keep you guessing to the very last page.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

When Abby Benson comes into a unique inheritance, it's her chance to live her dream. Abby has a talent for cake decorating, and she's always wanted to run her own business. Given the means to do it, Abby reluctantly starts her new business. She hires a handsome contractor, and things progress quickly with both the store and the contractor Dane. Abby soon decides on a unique pricing scheme for her cakes. She will allow the customer to pay what they think the cake is worth. Abby's business quickly grows into something far more than she ever imagined, but at what price will it come in her personal life? Abby will truly have to determine what matters most to her if she's going to make everything work.

I found this book to be utterly charming. Honestly, I was expecting a bit of the usual romance formula, but this book managed to resist that some. It definitely drew me in immediately. It was fun to get to watch Abby chase her dreams, even if she wasn't certain she wanted to. It was also very interesting to see her forced to have to truly decide where her priorities were. No one should be expected to give up on what they want from life, but we all have to prioritize and some point. Dane was a very interesting person as well. You can see why Abby falls for him. The one thing that did bother me though was their lack of communication. I realize some of that is just a way to get the plot to move forward, but I just wanted to shake them and tell them to talk to each other. That would have solved a lot of problems.

I loved Abby's unique cake pricing structure. That is something that probably made her customers really reflect on what they were getting. The emphasis throughout the book on the value of things helped to really drive home the message of the book. Are the things we choose to fill our time with truly the most valuable things in our life? That's something a lot of us could stand to think about. This book never gets preachy though. It's all wrapped up in a fun story with great characters. I really enjoyed this book, and I think a lot of other people will too.

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Best read all year
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. Karey has a knack for sucking you in and keeping you turning the pages. The characters were believable and the setting, enchanting. The recipes were a nice surprise! The chocolate chip cookie pie was very very tasty. I served it warm with ice cream! I cannot wait for what I hope will be many, many more books from Karey.

Best I've read all year!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. Karey has a great way to get you into the story quickly and hold your interest to the end.
Characters were delightful and the setting was a place I now want to visit. The addition of the recipes was a nice surprise and I must say the chocolate chip cookie pie was really good when served warm with ice cream on top. Can't wait for future books from this author.

Breath of Fresh air
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A great fun story that kept me wanting more. The author did an exceptional job at keeping things interesting and intriguing while not creating unrealistic drama. It was fun to have the recipes too, and to see a little more of the workings of a cake business!

My wife made me do it...
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Clearly, any book with a wedding cake on the front cover is going to be a "chick" book, right? I know my wife LOVED it. And after she read it, she talked me into reading it. I'll have to admit...if this is a chick book, I guess I like chick books.

This book was outstanding. I'm not sure I have ever read a book where I felt like I 'knew' the characters as well as this one. Kudos to the author. And to you other husbands...try it! You might like it. I sure did.

Cute Romance with Great Recipes!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is Karey’s second book, and it’s theme is very different than her first book, Gifted, proof that Karey’s talent extends beyond one genre.

In For What It’s Worth, Abby is left a bakery and the money needed to pursue her dream of opening a wedding cake shop. She opens the yellow pages and picks out a contractor, surprised and pleased when the handsome Dane Reynolds shows up on her doorstep, who coincidentally shares her religious beliefs, something rare in Washington. They hit it off and before long, they’re dating.

Abby has all she wants in the mild success of the bakery and her new love Dane, mostly due to her unique pricing method of allowing customers to pay what they think the cake is worth rather than a set price. A series of events causes the shop to succeed beyond her wildest dreams. Abby then has to decide what her priorities are. Is it the bakery which now takes up her every waking moment, or her desire to have a family—with Dane?
In For What It’s Worth Karey asks us to think about our own lives. If we’re given everything we’ve ever wanted, only those things don’t work together, what would be most important to us?

Karey has created memorable and lovable characters in this book. Abby and Dane are both flawed humans, like the rest of us, who are perfect for each other. Their families are full of appealing characters, and Abby’s shop helpers are interesting and intriguing. I love the premise of the “pay me what you think it’s worth” idea. Karey extends the theme to other areas of the book by asking what all aspects of our lives are worth.

One of the best parts of the book is that each chapter starts with a recipe that has to do with something in the chapter, everything from “Aunt Grace’s Favorite Snickerdoodles” to “Homemade Egg Noodles” to “Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie” (which I can’t wait to try) to “A Fairy Tale Day.”

It’s a great book that I had a hard time putting down. I’d keep saying, “one more chapter” and then five chapters later, eyes drooping, I’d finally put it aside. It’s as charming as its lead characters, the love story is realistic and heartbreaking and uplifting, and as much as you want to shake Abby for some of the disastrous decisions she makes, they are completely understandable and human.

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy good LDS romance stories.

Cute Contemporary!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Overall, I truly enjoyed For What It's Worth! It was a cute, light adult contemporary clean romance, that dealt with the confusion of love.

Things I enjoyed:

I loved how the main character, Abby, made lists! I do this ALL the time! I make lists of books I need to read, and I also happen to have a journal of lists! In my journal I make different lists of everything I do through out a year. The lists include: goals for the year, goals for my life, what books I read, what books I buy, what DVDs I add to my collection, what movies I saw in theaters, facts about that year, places I went, etc. I enjoy adding to these lists everyday!

I thought the payment method that Abby used, where she lets the customers decide what they think their cake is worth, was pretty awesome, and very gutsy!

I also LOVED some of those recipes before the beginning of each chapter! It made me want to get up and start making some of them right away! In fact, I think I might go back and write some of them down!


-To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of how unrealistic a lot of it was. Everything seemed to come extremely easy for the main character, Abby. The fact that she got FOURTEEN paying customers, who ordered a wedding cake on her opening day was one of those points for me. Especially, taking into account the fact that Abby had only passed around a few flyers before hand. The story took place in Seattle, Washington, which I know is a pretty big city, but out of all the people there (which according to Google is 620,778 people), FOURTEEN of those people decided to go into Abby's Wedding Cake Shop on her opening day and decide to ORDER their cakes right there on the spot? I don't know, maybe it was just me, but that was a bit unrealistic to me. Maybe if Abby had opened an overall bakery, selling everything, then that would have been very realistic, but just the fact that she sells only wedding cakes...
-The story was pretty predictable.
-And Abby and Dane should have handled the "Rough spot" situation a bit better! What bothered me the most about the conflict, was that Abby didn't call Dane! But Dane would call and she wouldn't answer, yet she wanted him to call and she wanted to get back together. I wanted shake Abby a bit at that point and yell, "CALL HIM!! You don't want to lose him, you ARE PERFECT TOGETHER!!!"

Overall, thought it was a cute easy reader! Abby had a lot of faith in herself, which worked out for the best for her.

I could actually really see this book becoming one of those ABC Family Romantic Comedies, the ones that are pretty cheesy, but overall most girls love watching them, even though they are a total guilty pleasure! That's how this book was for me...a guilty pleasure! :)

I recommend this one for anyone looking for a clean romantic contemporary novel, that contains LDS (Mormon) religion. It's a total guilty pleasure for all of us girls who just want a lovely Cheesy Rom-Com! :)

Could not put it down
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This was a really fun book. I started it one evening and could not stop until I finished it. Loved the characters as well as the recipes.. Very charming!

For What It's Worth by Karey White
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

We start off at the reading of Abby's aunt's will. She left her two nieces and nephews each something they knew they would treasure. Kate, the house she needed, Evan the horse stables he loved. For Abby, starter money, and the building for a her own wedding cake bakery. Abby was hesitant at first to get started, but once she got brave enough, there was no stopping her.

I instantly liked this book. The characters are so well written, and I immediately cared for them. Abby is a wonderful girl and I enjoyed the journey of her little "A Piece of Cake" that could, and especially how she found love, worth, and most importantly herself. When things were hard, she remembered (after a nudging from her sister Kate) what her relationship with her Heavenly Father and Jesus were worth, and that helped things fall into place for her.

4 out of 5 stars. My favorite part was the ending when Abby travels to California to do a cake for a celebrity. I can't say anything else without needing a spoiler alert, but I really liked it.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Karey White captured my heart with her debut novel Gifted and with For All It's Worth, she does it again! What a perfect little romantic read for the young and young at heart.

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