What the Scriptures Teach Us About Prosperity

by S. Michael Wilcox

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“I kept writing notes to myself about things I was learning and discussing different perspectives with my family and friends. This was a book to nibble around the edges slowly and think about and reflect on and then nibble on some more.” — Association for Mormon Letters

Can you be rich and righteous? Worthy and wealthy? If not, why do the scriptures teach that God wants us to “have in abundance?” (D&C 49:19). If so, how do we reconcile Christ's teaching that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God?” (Matthew 19:24).

In this timely and insightful new book, author S. Michael Wilcox helps us discover what the Lord wants us to know about wealth, stewardship, and prosperity.

Money issues — how we provide for ourselves and our families — are an inescapable part of life, no matter our current or hoped for “net worth.” Desire for greater financial security can be a great motivator, but money problems are often the root of familial discord.

Because our stewardship over what the Lord gives us is such an important part of our mortal test — and because of the misery caused by unrighteous stewardship — it's not surprising that the Lord has filled the scriptures with counsel on this important topic.

By heeding His guidance and mastering His lessons, we can secure the consequences of being His “true and faithful” servants. As Elder Melvin J. Ballard said in general conference, April 1929, “We are to do a new thing, a thing that never has before been done — We are to take the Church of Christ not only through the age of persecution and mob violence, but through the age of peace and prosperity.”

About the Author

S. Michael Wilcox

S. Michael Wilcox received his PhD from the University of Colorado and taught for many years at the LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to the University of Utah. He has spoken to packed crowds at BYU Education Week and has hosted tours to the Holy Land to China to Church history sites. He has served in a variety of callings, including as bishop and counselor in a stake presidency. He has written many articles and books, including House of Glory, Sunset, 10 Great Souls I Want to Meet in Heaven, and Finding Hope. He and his late wife, Laurie, are the parents of five children.

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What the scriptures Teach Us About Prosperity
By , Submitted on 2018-04-03

This is an amazing and thought provoking book. It illuminates the Saviors perspective of wealth and it's place in our life.

By , Submitted on 2017-10-08

The balance of my family’s needs and wants against my duty to my brothers and sisters is one I find difficult to strike. It is a constant question in my mind. Brother Wilcox’s Book was a helpful read in this regard. Using the parables and teachings of the Savior, Brother Wilcox shares ideas about how we should think about what God has given us and what we should do with it. I will be re-reading this book.

An inspiring work like only S. Michael Wilcox can write.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A perfect explanation about the true purpose of money and how the Lord expects us to use it for helping others and building his kingdom here on earth. S. Michael Wilcox explains the topic in a way for everyone to understand and inspires you in only the way he can.

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