What Wives Expect of Husbands

by Brent A. Barlow

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What do wives expect from their husbands? Some of the answers might surprise you. A husband should:

  • Communicate by both talking and listening
  • Express love by both word and action
  • Express affection for his wife
  • Be active in rearing the children
  • Help his wife attain spiritual goals
  • Willingly help around the house
  • Help his wife attain sexual satisfaction

About the Author

Brent A. Barlow

Dr. Brent A. Barlow, the compiler, is a teacher in the Department of Family Sciences at Brigham Young University and a professional marriage counselor. His other books include Twelve Traps in Today’s Marriage, What Husbands Expect of Wives, and What Wives Expect of Husbands.

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