When Forever Doesn't Last: A Healing Jouney Through Divorce

by Guy Morgan Galli, David Clarke Pruden

  • 9781599553092
  • When forever 2x3

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If divorce has impacted your life, you are not alone. Expert mediators Guy Galli and David Pruden understand the stress, emotional pain, and physical fatigue that accompany a divorce, and they want to help you do the same. When Forever Doesn't Last: A Healing Journey Through Divorce is a comforting resource that will assist divorced couples to find their center of peace, become balanced in their lives, and manage their day-to-day stresses. With self-appraising questions and practical applications, Galli and Pruden guide you through the mediation process that will help you and your former spouse to collaborate rather than compromise, ending in a win/win situation in spite of this life-changing event.


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