When the Lights Came On

by Trevan G. Hatch

When the lights came on

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Step back in time and watch the Restoration! Learn how God began the Restoration process even before Joseph stepped into the Sacred Grove in 1820. This insightful book highlights overlooked but significant facts, shedding new light on well-known events. Filled with contemporary first-person accounts, this faith-promoting book will help you recognize God's hand in this final dispensation.

The appearance of God the Father and Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith was the first of hundreds of manifestations that he experienced. Many of these manifestations assisted the Prophet Joseph in restoring Christ's Church to the earth. Latter-day Saints are familiar with some of the accounts presented in this book; however, several accounts are not widely known. Numerous individuals in Joseph Smith's generation recorded experiences of spiritual manifestations. Readers will find that these experiences influenced the Restoration even though many of these individuals had never met Joseph Smith or heard of his manifestations at the time they recorded their own.

This book is the result of many years of researching and gathering accounts from articles, biographies, books, and journals relating to the restoration of Christ's Church. Readers will find hundreds of statements and accounts from Joseph Smith, his fellow Saints, and non-Mormons who claimed to have experienced miraculous events, or who claimed to have seen beyond the veil in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These accounts are defining experiences in the lives of these individuals, as well as in Latter-day Saint history.

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Trevan G. Hatch

Trevan G. Hatch received a B.A. in history at Brigham Young University, a M.A. in Jewish studies at Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University, and is currently a PhD student in family studies specializing in religion and Jewish family life at Louisiana State University. He is also pursuing doctoral education in Jewish studies at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago and has taken graduate courses in biblical studies in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of the Holy Land. Trevan G. Hatch was a 2009 research fellow at the Maxwell Institute under the direction of Terryl Givens and Matthew Grow where he researched and presented on the gathering of the Jews and Tribes of Israel according to Parley and Orson Pratt. He has a passion for researching and writing on topics of religion, especially pertaining to Judaism and Mormonism. He is married to the former Megan Gardner and they are the proud parents of three children. He is currently the librarian of Ancient Studies, Ancient Scripture, and Philosophy at BYU.

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Phenomenal Book
By , Submitted on 2017-01-10

Trevan Hatch’s “When the Lights Came On” is a wonderful book. I loved it and learned quite a bit from it.
In it he sets Joseph Smith’s vision in context of early 19th century American religious revivals. The book is filled with personal stories of vision that other people had that were similar to Joseph’s. He also gives accounts of Joseph Smith’s numerous visits with heavenly beings and explains the importance behind them and sheds new and interesting light on the restoration!

While being very well researched the book is actually an easy read. The writing flows and is easy to follow. The interweaving of personal stories with historical fact and analysis is brilliant. I would recommend this book to anyone, scholar or not, that wants to understand Joseph Smith or his visions better.

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