When the White House Comes to Zion

by Michael K. Winder

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Take an entertaining journey through time as you discover the stories behind the events that brought American presidents to the Zion of the West. Since 1875 when Ulysses S. Grant visited the Utah Territory, U.S. presidents have continued to trek to the shores of the Great Salt Lake and Brigham Young's blossoming desert rose. Through the decades, whether campaigning, helping friends at fundraisers, interacting at town hall meetings, meeting with Church officials, or participating in historic events, the nation's top leaders have come to Utah to press the flesh, plot strategies, and kiss babies in an effort to close the gap between the president and the people.

You will be delighted with fascinating stories and anecdotes from American presidents' memorable visits from the time of the presidential Pullman railroad car to today's Air Force One. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this photographically rich book is worth millions. With more than 500 historical photographs — some never before published — and dozens of pieces of interesting memorabilia, this well-researched visual history highlights the warmth and hospitality of the people of the Beehive State. You may even find a photo of your grandfather, uncle, cousin, mother, or father in the crowd surrounding a visiting president. So sit back and enjoy this engaging book for a few minutes or a few hours, because history has never been more enjoyable.

Two documentary programs: When the White House Comes to Zion and A Pictorial History of U.S. Presidential Visits to Utah

Featuring commentary from: Mike Winder, Ronald L. Fox, Michael O. Leavitt, Jake Garn, Orrin Hatch, Deedee Corradini, Dave Hansen, Ralph Becker, Oscar McConkie, Dick Richards, Norma Matheson and Michael Kearns

About the Author

Michael K. Winder

MICHAEL KENT WINDER is the author of twelve published books, including the regional bestseller Presidents and Prophets. Mike is the CEO of Neptune Strategies, and as a former mayor of West Valley City, Utah, he remains active in community service. He holds an MBA and Honors BA in history from the University of Utah and graduated from an executive program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Mike and his wife, Karyn, are the parents of two girls and two boys.

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