Why Can't I Forget My Sins?

by Richard E. Turley, Jr.

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Have you — or has anyone you know — ever felt troubled by the memory of a past transgression? In the scriptures, the Lord promises that if we partake of the Atonement through sincere repentance, He will remember our sins no more. In this insightful talk, Richard E. Turley Jr. draws the important distinction between the Lord's forgetting our sins and the individual's forgetting his or her transgression. Brother Turley examines how the repentance process works. He dispels common misunderstandings and explains why memories that seem like a curse may in reality be a blessing because they enable us to avoid similar errors in the future!

About the Author

Richard E. Turley, Jr.

Richard E. Turley, Jr., Assistant Church Historian and Recorder for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a member of the editorial board of the Church Historian's Press, which publishes The Joseph Smith Papers and other highly-acclaimed works of Church history. He is the author or co-author of several books, including How We Got the Book of Mormon and How We Got the Doctrine and Covenants, with William W. Slaughter; Massacre at Mountain Meadows, with Ronald W. Walker and Glen M. Leonard; Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith, with Lael Littke; and Victims: The LDS Church and the Mark Hofmann Case. In addition, he is the coeditor of the series Women of Faith in the Latter Days, with Brittany A. Chapman, and general editor of the print volumes of The Journals of George Q. Cannon. He and his wife, Shirley, live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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