Why I'm a Mormon

by Joseph A. Cannon

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Why I’m a Mormon is a collection of fascinating, individual journeys of faith by dozens of stalwart, modern Mormons—some prominent, others less well-known but no less impressive. Contributors share brief reflections on how their feelings about the gospel and their involvement in the Church have shaped and enriched their lives. These vignettes are from Latter-day Saints who are faithfully and successfully navigating these troubled, secular, sometimes dark and temptation laden times. The book includes expressions from successful business leaders, entertainers, sports figures, authors, and many others.

  • Mataumu Toelupe Alisa
  • Nolan Archibald
  • David Archuleta
  • Robert F. Bennett
  • Alex Boye
  • Richard Bushman
  • Jason Chaffetz
  • Norm Chow
  • Clayton M. Christensen
  • Kim B. Clark
  • Austin Collie
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Margaret Meade Cowherd (Peggy)
  • Lew Cramer
  • Jason Deere
  • Larry Echo Hawk
  • Richard and Linda Eyre
  • Larry Gelwix
  • Terryl Givens
  • Thomas B. Griffith
  • David Halversen
  • Muliufi (Mufi) Francis Hannemann
  • Matthew S. Holland
  • Valerie M. Hudson
  • Jon M. Huntsman Sr.
  • Firoz King Husein
  • Jane Clayson Johnson
  • Mark W. Johnson
  • Jeffrey Max Jones
  • Cecilie Lundgreen
  • Laurette Maritz
  • J.W. Marriott Jr.
  • Kieth W. Merrill
  • Joy Monahan
  • Brandon Mull
  • Reeve A. Nield
  • Gifford "Giff" Nielsen
  • Stephanie Nielson
  • Robert C. Oaks
  • R. Craig Poole
  • Bruce Reese
  • Harry Reid
  • Blake M. Roney
  • Dave Rose
  • Jan Saumweber
  • Hannah Clayson Smith
  • John M. Smith
  • Wendy Ulrich
  • Bundit Ungrangsee
  • Bradford D. Waldie
  • Mark H. Willes
  • Robert S. Wood
  • Steve Young
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    Joseph A. Cannon

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    Average rating:

    (based upon 3 reviews)

    By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

    Like another reviewer, I expected this to be much more spiritual...to really show how the person gained their testimony. I was also extremely disappointed with the Harry Reid chapter. He did not give any insight into how his testimony squares with his actions. I had hoped to be able to understand him better so I could point him out as an example to non-members. Alas.

    Interesting Read!
    By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

    I found the book interesting and because each chapter is fairly short I could pick it up and read one whole story in the small moments of my day between caring for my growing brood. Getting to read conversion stories in their own words touched me. The variety of ways God leads people to know him amazes me. I’ve enjoyed my time reading Why I’m a Mormon.
    Read my full review at: http://ourbusyhomeschool.blogspot.com/2012/03/why-im-mormona-book-review.html

    Good Enough
    By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

    I loved the concept for this book. However, it fell a little short of what I expected. I was hoping to read profound testimonies from exceptionally insightful people. The people in this book are successful in the worldly sense. They are mainly from the business or athletic sectors. There are not a lot of women and even less minorities. It would have been more interesting to read about people who were exceptionally spiritual as opposed to people who had achieved worldly accomplishments.

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