Will My Child Be Ready? Missionary Prep for Moms

by Merrilee Browne Boyack, Emily Belle Freeman

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A missionary's training does not begin when he or she enters the doors of the MTC. Well before that, each missionary's mother can begin laying the groundwork that will prepare her child to diligently and wholeheartedly serve the Lord and His children.

Mothers have an immeasurable influence and a significant responsibility in raising up young men and women who are prepared to do the work of the Lord. The good news: that responsibility can begin wherever you and your child are on the path of preparation. Whether your child is two, eight, or eighteen, this unique resource written by mothers who have sent children on missions (and some who have also served as mission presidents' wives) will help you build the foundation of faith, endurance, and hard work that every missionary needs.

About the Authors

Merrilee Browne Boyack

Merrilee Boyack is a popular speaker and author of several books, including When I'm a Missionary (an illustrated book for children); The Parenting Breakthrough; In Trying Times, Just Keep Trying; Will My Child Be Ready? and 12 Gifts for Christ. She is an estate-planning attorney in Utah and California and lives in Lehi, Utah.

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Emily Belle Freeman

Emily Belle Freeman is a best-selling author and popular inspirational speaker. She has a deep love of the scriptures, which comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. She is the author of numerous books, including Even This, The Christ-Centered Home, Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas, and Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter. She is also a favorite speaker at Time Out for Women. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with her family. Read more at emilybellefreeman.com and follow Emily on Instagram and Facebook: @emilybellefreeman.

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Will My Child Be Ready?
By , Submitted on 2019-07-17

I loved this book which taught essential principles to fortify individuals. I found application for myself and for those I can influence including my grandchildren, children and youth (through my work and calling), and my children.

By , Submitted on 2015-08-21

I LOVE books like these! This one is subtitled "missionary prep for moms."

And that is exactly what it is! Giving you information... to use a little or use a lot... in teaching your child to be ready to serve a mission.

Want to help you child know how and why we need to be obedient? It's in here..
Want to help your child know about self-mastery and sacrifice? It's in here...

And so is goal setting, and finding a balance in your daily activities, and learning to serve, and how to develop Christlike attributes, and preparing to attend the temple, and so much more!

Amazing thoughts, scriptures, suggestions, stories and examples!

I SO LOVE the "what they need to know" and "what they need to do" and "what they need to be" sections at the end of each chapter.

This book is PERFECT for helping a missionary gather the emotional, social, physical, and mental tools they will need...even prospective Senior missionaries could benefit from this book!

It is also a PERFECT book to study if you simply want to become a more effective disciple of our Lord.


Will My Child Be Ready?
By , Submitted on 2015-08-17

I have two sons and two daughters, and even though my oldest is 13, missions are really not that far away (it's a little scary to think about). At the beginning of the book I got really overwhelmed and stressed because of all the things I wasn't doing that they said I should be doing. My husband calmed my fears and reminded me of all the things we are doing. I think it's a great resource, but I'm also not going to stress if I'm not perfect in each area. This book is well written and is full of lots of good examples and stories. There are bullet points at the end of each chapter with a summary of "What You Need to Know" and "What You Need to Do." There is also a scripture or quote from "Preach My Gospel" at the end of each chapter. This book is a great resource, and has lots of good reminders to help us prepare our children for missions. You may read my full review on my book blog: the-readathon.blogspot.com.

Prepare your child for a mission!
By , Submitted on 2015-08-06

Even though our girls are only 5 and 9, we have talked to them on numerous occasions about the "someday" when they may choose to go on a mission... While my oldest is convinced it isn't going to be something she wants to do (because she would get too homesick) my youngest is pretty sure she is going to China. Either way, no matter their choice, preparing our children for ALL types of missionary work in the future is essential. Because, after all, are we not ALL missionaries? Of course we are!
This book by Emily Freeman and Merrilee Boyack is a great book for parents who have kids of all ages to help them prepare their kids for those big steps. Teaching everything from obedience to service to goal-setting this book encourages parents to be sure their kids know big things (like testimony, service, prayer, scripture study) to the small things (how to cook, clean and do your own laundry!)
Each Chapter includes bullet points of what they need to know...what they need to do...and what they need to be. References as a "Missionary Prep for Moms" course this book is infused with personal stories, scripture references and quotes from prophets. This book would be a welcome addition in any parents library!

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