A Woman's Worth

by Jerry Earl Johnston

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Product Description

“Women definitely have a friend in journalist Jerry Johnston,” declares Janice Kapp Perry in the introduction to this engaging collection of vignettes. With characteristic warmth and insight, the renowned columnist reflects on the lives of inspiring women he’s known and vividly describes their many spiritual gifts: grace and vitality, sacrifice and devotion, harmony and hope. Through his examples of inspiring women he admires — from celebrated figures like Marjorie Hinckley and Chieko Okasaki to ordinary women like his own mother — Johnston honors all women, who by small and simple acts of goodness daily change our world for the better.

About the Author

Jerry Earl Johnston

Jerry Earl Johnston won a writing competition in first grade and has never kicked the habit. He has been with the Deseret News for more than thirty years and currently writes a weekly column. He has won awards from The Reader's Digest and the Society of Professional Journalists and is a two-time winner of the national Wilbur Award for religious columns. The Deseret News has honored him twice with the Mark E. Petersen Excellence in Writing Award.

He and his wife, Carol, have a blended family of five children and fifteen grandchildren. They live in Brigham City, where Jerry serves in the bishopric of the Brigham City Fifth Ward.

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