Women of Influence Booklet

by Jack R. Christianson

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Product Description

Brother Jack R. Christianson shares a message of inspiration and hope as he honors the influence that women can have on society. He says: “We must never forget that it is not just little girls who are princesses, but adult women as well! All are princesses because they are daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves them. If you didn’t have a loving earthly father or you have experienced abuse of any kind, you are still a princess. All women are.” “This world and the Church need women of power and influence who will press forward, catching hold of the end of the rod of iron,” he adds. “Of course, life is discouraging and at times painful, but we must never get discouraged, because that will weaken our faith in the Holy One of Israel, even Jesus Christ. He truly is the only one who can deliver us from the hard things of life. Please believe that each of us can do this mortal life thing! We really can!” Brother Christianson confirms that sisters help shape the lives of not only their families, but other individuals as well, as they seek to love, lift, and bless those around them. And through that inspired effort, they become women of influence!

About the Author

Jack R. Christianson

Popular speaker Jack R. Christianson has taught with the Church Educational System for many years and has lectured extensively for BYU's Education Week, EFY, and firesides. Jack and his wife, Melanie, live in Orem, Utah, and are the parents of four daughters.

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