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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Books like this are what make Christmas special for me!

I get so busy with my own Christmas preparations that I tend to lose sight of 'the reason for the season.'

So I am GRATEFUL for these stories that bring perspective back to me and help me realize what it truly is all about!

In this book you will read TRUE HOLIDAY MEMORIES of "tidings of comfort and joy."

Some will be 'miraculous', some will be 'dramatic', some will be tender, all will be WONDERFUL!

You will read:
A Holy Night in a Holy City from Brent L. and Wendy C. Top

My Best Christmas Ever by Jack Weyland

Gold for Christmas by Earl Rich, as told to Jennie Hansen

How the Bear Lost His Tail by N.C. Allen

Remembering the Christmas Spirit by Kerry Blair

The Christmas I Learned Courage by Margot Hovley

The Gift of the Stables by Erin Klingler

The Gift by Jodi Marie Robinson

The Nightmare before Christmas by Julie Daines

The Christmas Coat by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

Don't Miss Out!
Fill your season with these 'heartwarming' stories!