Worth Waiting For: Sexual Abstinence Before Marriage

by Brent A. Barlow


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Sexual immorality is "the plaguing sin of this generation," said President Ezra Taft Benson. "It permeates our society… Never in this generation of ours have morals been so loose as now."

Unfortunately, some of the youth of the Church have fallen into the trap, failing to abstain from sexual relations before marriage. Some are even questioning the very principle of sexual abstinence. "Why wait?" they ask. "Isn't chastity a bit old-fashioned?"

In his experience with teaching thousands of young Latter-day Saints, Dr. Brent Barlow has seen the problems up close—and has grown increasingly concerned. "It matters how we teach sexual abstinence before marriage," he writes. And he gives us seventeen strategies he has used successfully over the years—strategies that will be a blessing to parents, teachers, youth leaders, and youth themselves.

Dr. Barlow also shares the disturbing facts of America's Second Sexual Revolution, which entices religious youth as well as those who never go to church. He gives timely warnings about the negative power of the media, the plague of sexually transmitted diseases that is sweeping much of the world, and the special problems of those who are engaged. And he offers needed reassurance of the possibility of repentance for those who have sinned.

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