Writing Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Fiction & Non-Fiction in the LDS Market

by LDS Storymakers


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Wondering how to write an LDS Bestseller

\n\nDrawing on a wealth of knowledge, fourteen authors give you the answers to the pitfalls and problems faced by writers everywhere in this comprehensive volume. Whether you've written all your life, or have just begun to experience the joys of putting pen to paper, this book has what you need, to keep you going, achieve more, and—most importantly—do it right.\n\n

  • Refine ideas into workable, exciting plots\n\n
  • Pen a 'can't-put-it-down' opening\n\n
  • Find the time and inspiration to write\n\n
  • Create seamless plots and subplots\n\n
  • Research fiction and non-fiction topics\n\n
  • Utilize positive (and negative) feedback\n\n
  • Overcome annoying Writer's Block\n\n
  • AND MUCH MORE!\n\n
\n\n Written in the same easy-going manner as its companion volume, Publishing Secrets, LDS Storymakers: Writing Secrets offers just the right encouragement and advice needed when faced with two hundred empty pages. Learn from the extensive experiences—both good and bad—of fourteen successful LDS authors as they explain how, and how not, to write your story.\n\n \t

\n\n\n\nWritten and compiled by:\n\n
\n\nLinda Paulson Adams, Shirley Bahlmann, Anne Bradshaw, James Dashner, Janet Kay Jensen,\n\nJosi S. Kilpack, Tamra Norton, Rachel Ann Nunes, Lisa J. Peck, Tristi Pinkson, BJ Rowley,\n\nMarsha Ward, Linda Shelley Whiting, and Julie Wright\n

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