You Are More

by Carmen Rasmusen Herbert

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What makes someone more beautiful than someone else? How can beauty be judged? Former American Idol contestant and Time Out for Girls presenter, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, talks about Hollywood’s standard of beauty and why we should rethink it. Of course, we all want to feel beautiful and make ourselves pretty on the outside, but true, lasting beauty—the kind that makes you stand out from the crowd and radiates goodness and light—cannot be created by brushstrokes or mascara wands. That kind of magic happens when we discover who we are and love ourselves for it. It happens when we do good. It happens when we give. It happens when we love others.

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Carmen Rasmusen Herbert

Carmen Rasmusen Herbert's music career began in 2003, when, at age seventeen, she auditioned for the TV show American Idol and was chosen as one of twelve finalists. She is also the author of Staying in Tune, a book that inspires and motivates young women to stand firm in their faith, hold tight to their values, and avoid worldly temptations in whatever situation they find themselves.

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Just Okay
By , Submitted on 2019-05-02

This book is small and simple and can easily be read in a single setting. It was a little interesting and had a few words of advise, but I didnt really care for it, way too much talking for the maybe 2 good quotes and things I read. This book didnt make a difference for me and did not leave me "changed." The author is already in her 30's, but this book sounds like a book written by a young teenager. This is not a book I could spend money on or recommend to anyone else. It's not worth the time to read.

You Are More
By , Submitted on 2018-07-15

It was a nice short read. It was great to hear the testimony of a woman who at a young age was faced with the challenges the world presents and remembering who you are in the adversity of those challenges.

An excellent read...
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Every young woman should have this book. It's a short read and quite good. I love that for a very young woman, she had a good foundation, wonderful moral support, and was wanted keep her standards even when she was so openly challenged. This is very encouraging for all young women as they are transitioning into adolescence and then keep close to the standards that will bring joy and peace to their lives. I will likely be sending this to my 17 yr old granddaughter, graduating from high school, to confirm with her, that she can "go all the way to reaching her goals" and that with Heavenly Father, all things are possible.

Stellar Message
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is an amazing person. She has related her life lessons learned from a young starlet to successful wife and mother. Carmen has led a life that any woman could be proud to emulate and she is a great example.

I loved the personal stories and how she sticks to her values. By recognizing the potential consequences to even the smallest actions, she sets a stellar example of a righteous woman in both action and spirit.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Travel with Carmen Rasmusen Herbert as she describes her life.

From tiny singer at the age of 5, to a contestant on American Idol, to meeting and marrying her husband, to being a mom.

Along the way she has been asked many times "Who are You?"

And she has learned that we are all MORE!

She is More!
You are More!

And because you are MORE, you must NEVER let down your standards!

Heavenly Father will help us be More!
Trust in him!
Trust in his plan for you!

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