Young Men: Come Unto Christ (8x16 Plaque)

by Cambridge Collection


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Come Unto Christ

    Every Day
  1. PRAY with a sincere heart, real intent and faith in Christ
  2. READ my scriptures
  3. Write in my JOURNAL
  4. Review a SCRIPTURE MASTERY scripture

    Every Week
  1. ATTEND all my Sunday & mid-week meetings
  2. Participate in FAMILY HOME EVENING
  3. BLESS SOMEONE through an act of service
  4. PONDER a Christ-like attribute

    Every Month
  1. PERFORM (or prepare to perform) baptisms for the dead
  2. FAST with a sincere purpose & Pay a full TITHE
  3. Review my DUTY TO GOD goals
  4. READ the New Era

    Every Year
  1. READ the Book of Mormon
  2. Give a talk & SHARE MY TESTIMONY
  3. PARTICIPATE IN Scout Camp
  4. LISTEN to General Conference in April & October

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