Young Woman Tulips (11x16 Plaque)

by Cristall Harper

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“When I set out to paint Standing as a Witness, eight tulips representing each color of the eight Young Women values, I saw only flowers. But when this painting was finished, I saw the Young Women from my ward.

I see one girl I know in the white Faith tulip, the oldest in her family, getting to know her Heavenly Father personally and learning to trust Him during trials. I see another girl in the blue Divine Nature tulip, writing poems about how we are each unique and special. I see another in the red Individual Worth tulip, teaching the girls the importance of liking and being yourself.

Another girl is the green Knowledge tulip, studying hard and taking college courses in high school. Another is the orange Choice & Accountability tulip, choosing a good attitude and good friends. I see another girl in the yellow Good Works tulip, spreading her positive influence with her frequent compliments. I see another in the purple Integrity tulip, modest, honest, and being what she believes. I see another in the gold Virtue tulip, holding fast to her high moral standards.

The Young Women I associate with are fine examples to me and more spiritually mature than I was at their age. I love them and thank them for their goodness. As these youth inspire me, I hope that this painting inspires others to be a little bit better, no matter their circumstance. In a wishy-washy world where right and wrong are steadily blurred, it is an anchor to have these eight values to stand up for.” —Cristall Harper

Bring light and inspiration into your young woman's room with this uplifting creation by artist Cristall Harper. Each Young Women's value is represented as an upward reaching tulip, in the same color as its value. The entire image is surrounded by a peaceful green border which lists each value within it.

This beautiful print, presented by Amalphi Arts, is reproduced utilizing a museum quality giclée process and is printed on premium gallery grade photo paper. The print is presented on a durable plaque and finished with a UV protection surface allowing for many years of beauty.

About the Author

Cristall Harper

Cristall Harper is a Utah artist known for her original oil paintings of colorful tulips. While attending high school, her father was the first person to suggest she paint flowers. Now a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BFA in painting, she continues to follow her father’s advice and finds great love in personifying tulips through her paintings.

Cristall became a full-time artist in 2008 and the demand for her work continues to grow. In addition to various private collectors, her most recent corporate collectors include Zions Bank and Riverside Country Club of Provo, UT.

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