Your Cup of Cake

by Lizzy Early

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The tantalizing scent of warm cupcakes wraps you in nostalgia, transporting you to the coziness of your childhood kitchen. Now, in a modern twist that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth, the treats of your youth will once again tempt your taste- buds as you embrace the cupcake craze in your own kitchen cupcakery. Popular food writer and photographer Lizzy Early taps into America’s love affair with the never-ending flavor combinations of this tasty treat— from the comforting classics of vanilla, German chocolate, and carrot cake to the fanciful flavors of maple and bacon, churro, and root beer float. Complete with delectable photographs and handy hints for the cup- cake novice, Your Cup of Cake is your ultimate guide to America’s favorite gourmet goodies.

About the Author

Lizzy Early

Lizzy Early grew up in Portland, Oregon, in a family of five. She started baking when she was in high school and quickly became known for her way around a kitchen. A 2013 graduate of Brigham Young University in broadcast journalism, she’s the proud owner of—and, more than anything, she loves to teach others how to bake.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is hands down the best cupcake book ever. I have tried about 10 of the recipes so far and everyone I serve the cupcakes to say they are the best most delicious cupcakes ever. I love that Lizzy uses regular cake mixes as her base. This decreases the intimidation factor way down so that anyone can achieve success with her recipes. I had the pleasure of meeting Lizzy recently because my daughter was her roommate for a short time. It was so neat to watch her creating new recipes in her tiny little kitchen. Support a young college student and buy her book. You won't be sorry!

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