Zion's Trumpet: 1854 Welsh Mormon Periodical

by Ronald D. Dennis

Zions trumpet 1854 welsh

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When Dan Jones assumed the editorship of Zion's Trumpet at the beginning of 1854, he was a year and a half into his first mission to his native Wales. This was in fulfillment of a prophecy uttered by Joseph Smith on the eve of his martyrdom: "You will see Wales and fulfill the mission appointed you ere you die."

In the foreword to this seventh volume of Zion's Trumpet, Jones calls the periodical "a treasury of heavenly pearls, a gift given to the age that unfolds." As with the English translation of the six preceding volumes of Zion's Trumpet, this 1854 volume is published in a "facsimile translation" format to provide the reader with something of the appearance and flavor of the original Welsh publication.

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PublishedDeseret Book and RSC BYU 2015

About the Author

Ronald D. Dennis

After thirty-five years of teaching Welsh and Portuguese at Brigham Young University, Ronald D. Dennis is now happily retired, and resides in Provo, Utah, with his wife, Grace Marie. Much of Professor Dennis's forty years of research on the history of the Latter-day Saints in Wales is now available on the Internet at http://welshmormonhistory.org.

Professor Dennis's other publications include The Call of Zion: The Story of the First Welsh Mormon Emigration; Welsh Mormon Writing from 1844 to 1862; A Historical Bibliography; Prophet of the Jubile; Zion's Trumpet: 1849 Welsh Mormon Periodical; and Defending the Faith: Early Welsh Missionary Publications. He also wrote and privately published Indefatigable Veteran: History and Biography of Abel Evans, a Welsh Mormon Elder.

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