Retail Product Submission Process

Thank you for your interest in having your product sold through Deseret Book Company. Individuals and companies often approach us about buying their products for resale in our retail stores and online through our website. Because we literally receive thousands of product submissions annually, we have streamlined our submissions policy.

Submissions Policy

Email (preferred):

You can submit your product via email to Please include the following:

Physical Samples:

If you choose to submit a physical sample or catalog, you may do so to the following address but please note that samples are not kept and will not be returned. Please be sure to include the information required as detailed above and include a contact person and their email address.

Deseret Book Company
Attn: Retail Buying Team
55 N 300 W #300
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(for UPS or Fed Ex)


Attn: Retail Buying Team
PO Box 30178
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0178
(for USPS)

Product Decisions

All products submitted will be reviewed by a buying committee and given equal consideration within 6-8 weeks from receipt of the submission.

If your product is selected, you will be contacted by the retail buying team and given further information and instructions at that time.

Please note: You will only be contacted if your product is selected. If your product is not selected, you will not receive a reply. Due to the large number of product submissions we receive, we are unfortunately not able to reply to every submission. We are also not able to provide specific reasons as to why a product was declined.

General Information to FAQ’s:

We do not consult or provide feedback on ideas or concepts. We can only review and consider finished products.

We cannot accept meeting requests or walk-in appointments prior to the above submissions process being followed.

All purchasing is done through our corporate office so submissions must follow the above process and store managers, retail associates, or other employees should not be contacted.

We thank you again for your submission and wish you the best with your endeavors.