Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts

by David M. Barker

Science and religion

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Why do so many people attribute their loss of faith to “science”? How much science is fact and how much is theory? These and related issues have led to more than 40 years of research and a new book: Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts. In it the author discusses some of the weaknesses in popular scientific theories which tend to contradict the scriptures. Also shared are some lesser-known theories which tend to support events described in the scriptures.

The main premise of the book is that truth is truth, and real truth found from one source is compatible with real truth from any other source. Some of the issues covered include why scientific dating techniques produce so many dates inconsistent with the scriptures, a theory of how Noah’s flood may have happened that seems to fit with science and the scriptures, and problems with some aspects of evolution. The author does not claim to have all the answers, but shares some promising possibilities for reconciling some of the conflicts in a faith promoting manner. The book is written at about a 9th grade reading level and has a nice glossary for unusual terms peculiar to scientific disciplines.

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David M. Barker

David Barker has a passion for reconciling the conflicts between science and religion. With an intense curiosity, and a love of the truths found in both science and religion, he uses a questioning approach--refined during his career as a bank examiner/CPA (now retired). He enjoys sharing intriguing details gleaned over many years from numerous and diverse sources. It isn't the facts found by science that contradict the truths found in the scriptures, but inferences, assumptions, and theories that try to make sense of vast accumulations of data. This is especially pertinent when we recognize that much of the scientific community refuses to consider God or his hand in nature and thus fails to consider the clues He has given us. David maintains: “We don’t know all the answers, but there are promising possibilities for reconciling the conflicts—by learning more about what is and what isn’t real truth.”

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