Platinum Rewards Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deseret Book Platinum Rewards program?

Deseret Book Platinum Rewards is a rich customer shopping program providing points on purchases, along with other great benefits. For $25 annual fee, members enjoy points, discounts, and rewards all year including partner benefits from outside companies like Disney, SeaWorld, Morris Murdock Travel and more. Members report they loved “getting and spending points, getting free gifts, and surprised by the discounts and offers available.”

What benefits do I receive with Platinum Rewards?

Purchase a Platinum Rewards membership and receive:

  • 10% Back in Points on Most Purchases (10 points per $1 spent)
  • Free Products or Discounts with Points (100 points = $1 discount)
  • Free Year of LDS Living Magazine
  • Free Birthday Gift
  • Free eBook
  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Earn 10% Back in Points on Most Purchases.After a Platinum Rewards membership has been purchased, members earn 10% back in points on most purchases. A limited number of products, services, gift cards, and taxes are excluded, where points are not earned (see a store associate or the “Disclaimer & Exclusions” below).

Free Products or Discounts with Points.Redeem your points for free product or discounts on your purchases (100 points = $1.00). Points may not be redeemed to purchase the Platinum Rewards membership, taxes, gift cards, and additional exclusions may apply (see “Disclaimer and Exclusions” below).

Free Year of LDS Living Magazine.Receive a full year of LDS Living Magazine, with your first issue sent by mail approximately 15-60 days after joining. Gifting the magazine subscription by mail is not currently available, but may be hand-delivered if desired. Your last issue of LDS Living magazine will typically include a reminder of membership expiration as a courtesy to renew.

Free Birthday Gift.When setting up your Platinum Rewards account, please give us the month and day you were born, and you will be notified of a free gift on or near your birthday. Birthday gifts vary, and are available to both online and in-store shoppers.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts.Membership in Platinum Rewards provides many opportunities to earn points, attend live events, get additional points on Double Points Days, and access additional outside benefits on the Platinum Rewards portal. Periodically, members will be given an opportunity to participate in a promotion or sale event tied exclusively to Platinum Rewards. These events are typically promoted or communicated through email or catalogs.

Why does Deseret Book need my contact information?

Contact information is critical to communicating your Platinum Rewards benefits on a regular basis. Catalogs and mailers may be sent to your mailbox to announce special events, but email is now required for a member to take full advantage of the benefits. Typically, members log in to the Platinum Rewards portal and provide or update their contact information, including an email address. This information will not be sold or rented to other companies or organizations outside the Deseret Book family. Our privacy policy may be accessed at .

Who can access the Platinum Rewards Portal?

The Platinum Rewards Portal at is printed on most advertising communication pieces. The general public may access the landing page, view membership details and benefits, and choose whether or not to join. Only current or new Platinum Rewards members may access ensuing rewards and benefit pages by setting up an online account and linking to their Platinum Rewards account. Unless previously set up, members will set up an online account then provide their Platinum Rewards number (R# - printed on all catalogs, mailings, LDSLiving magazines, and store receipts) in order to tie their online account to their membership account.

Where can I view my member information?

Once the account has been set up, the member has access to personal contact information, your points total, expiration date, and more. From this account page, benefits may be accessed including the merchant offers and discounts described above.

How and when do I renew my membership?

Members can renew their membership online, in our store, or at 1-800-453-4532, typically within a month of expiration in order to ensure earning of points and retaining all member benefits. Your renewal will reflect 12 months of membership, even if renewal is earlier than the expiration date. Again, renewing prior to the expiration date will not impact the annual membership (always get at least 365 days). Renewal reminders at the point of sale, on catalogs and magazines, in email, and on the member account page, will provide members with timely information on expiration and renewal.

When can I expect my first Platinum Rewards email newsletter?

Members can expect to receive a monthly email soon after joining that will provide information on their membership, new benefits, upcoming promotions and sales, and exclusive products for Platinum members only. Local and national merchants will be highlighted, and new affiliate merchants will be given opportunity to promote their offers or discount to members.

What if I can't log on and set up my account?

If you have your Rewards number (R# - example: R654321) from a catalog, magazine, store receipt, or if you don't have your Rewards number, and can't set up your account, email or call 1-800-453-4532 for help. They will provide you with a rewards number and help you log on.

Where do I find my Rewards number?

Your Rewards number is on every catalog, magazine, store receipt, is 6-10 characters, and is always preceded by an R. Email or call 1-800-453-4532 for help.

Do I need a Platinum Rewards membership card?

Currently no Platinum Rewards member card is available, and most Deseret Book stores will only ask for personal ID when redeeming points. Membership cards may be available in the future.

Can two households be tied to one membership?


Can two persons (husband, wife, for example) be tied to one membership?

Yes, but only if living within the same household. The primary name on the account is the person purchasing the membership. Both names must be on the account, and both may redeem points with required personal ID. Other members of the immediate family (same household) may use the account to purchase and earn points, but will not be allowed to redeem points.

Can two memberships be purchased in one household?

Yes. For instance, a husband and a wife may choose to have their own Platinum Rewards membership. Both will have separate access to the online portal, will receive separate mailings, separate emails, etc.

Disclaimers and Exclusions

An annual Deseret Book Platinum Rewards Club membership is $25, and includes the benefits listed above. Membership expires at 365 days, and will not be impacted by an early renewal (member renews prior to the expiration date...we calculate the correct number of days for each membership purchased, and add those days to the membership). However, only 2 memberships may be purchased in any calendar year (in other words, members may not purchase 3 year memberships, etc.).

Membership benefits are for members and their immediate family members living in the same household. However, only the member and designated spouse or partner (within the same household) may redeem points, and must show ID at the time of redemption. Both names must be on the account, with the primary name as the purchaser. Access to the member account pages and ensuing benefit pages is limited to members only. Members may forfeit membership for giving others unauthorized access.

Rewards, benefits and Partner Merchant savings are determined by the Deseret Book company, available only during the term of membership, and may be discontinued at any time. Members may be denied benefits for reasons determined by Deseret Book Company.

Get 10% Back In Points on Future Purchases includes purchases after the first purchase of membership. Products or services where points may not be earned or redeemed include:

  • Church distribution products (except curriculum items purchased at non-DSD stores
  • Items that are non-taxable
  • Platinum Rewards membership
  • Gift Cards
  • Digital Downloads
  • Tickets

Points may be redeemed at any Deseret Book store,, or through 1-800-453-4532 for FREE products or discounts on products. Currently, to redeem points online at checkout, enter the number of points in the special comments section and your order will be reduced accordingly. Points will expire at the end of 18 months with no member activity (if the membership expires, and membership is not renewed). Points will continue to be earned with a current membership. If a membership lapses, points are available for redemption for an 18 month period before expiring (unless another membership is purchased during that time).

Merchant Offers and Discounts are the responsibility of the affiliate or partner merchant, and are subject to change. Deseret Book will provide the best information available, but cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or outdated offers. Every reasonable attempt will be made to update the partner merchant site and provide members with the most recent information.