Carroll H. Morris

About Carroll H. Morris
Carroll Morris was one of the many people who say, 'I'd write if I had time.' When her family spent a year in Germany (1982-83), she had time so she started work on what would be her first Deseret Book novel, The Broken Covenant.

Several other novels and the non-fiction book, If the Gospel Is True, Why Do I Hurt So Much?, followed. But when the first of her four children graduated from high school, she went to work as a catalog copywriter to help with tuition expenses.

Fifteen years later, Carroll was vacationing in Moab, Utah, with her sister, Nancy Anderson, and writer Lael Littke. Nancy said, 'Why don't we write a book together?' After several years of poking away at their project, they got serious. The book turned into The Company of Good Women trilogy. Now that the trilogy is complete, they're looking at doing individual projects. Will they ever write together again? 'Maybe,'Carroll says. There's a wonderful synergy between the three of them that makes the process exciting.

Carroll and her husband, Gary, are the parents of four children. They live in the retirement community of Green Valley, Arizona. Once a month, a group of women meet at her home. In a take-off from the trilogy, she calls it 'The Gathering of Good Women.' Carroll's hobbies include reading, hiking, bird-watching, gardening, and traveling.