Marci McPhee

About Marci McPhee
Marci McPhee was born in Germany, went to first grade in Panama, and then grew up in Texas, where she joined the LDS Church at age sixteen. After graduating from Brigham Young University and spending twelve years as a full-time mom, she began her career in higher education. In 2009–10, Marci took a year-long leave from her job at Brandeis University in the Boston area to volunteer as a high school English teacher in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Marci has served as ward Primary and Relief Society president, stake Primary president, seminary teacher, and institute teacher. She served as girls’ camp unit leader for a year, and cook for more than fifteen years. She’s a founding writer of, a frequent contributor to, and editor of Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids (Walnut Springs Press, 2015). To contact Marci or learn more about her books, please visit